Wise: 8-year prison sentence for the young woman who stabbed her mother while she was sleeping

“Forgive me” could be read on his lips. Before leaving the dock, Ann M turned one last time to the victim – her mother – and kissed her with her bound hands. In contrast, there is an animated septuagenarian who pretends to hold while in flight the sign of tenderness of the person who stabbed her in her sleep three years ago. “You have been forgiven,” said the mother, before her daughter left the room.

This Wednesday, the Wise Assize Court sentenced this 27-year-old woman to 8 years in prison, in accordance with the attorney general’s orders. Since Monday, she has been tried there for “violence resulting in disfigurement or permanent disability” due to serious injuries causing irreversible damage to her mother, on June 2, 2019, at their home in Clermont. That night, Ann M. In the middle of the night the victim was stabbed twice.

“Only her hand stabs her mother.”

During the procedure, Ann M. pleaded several copies before the investigating judge. She got to know her father, then accused a third party, explaining that she was under the influence of drugs. “The knife is not an independent insect with an independent life. This knife will look for it in the kitchen and with only one hand in one hand it stabs its mother,” General Counsel Carolyn Tharott emphasized in relation to the accused’s fictional statements. But on this Wednesday, Ann M raised her right hand, as if to swear.

She replied to the president: “I am aware of all the facts.” According to her, it was the voices that she heard that directed her in her criminal act. they told me: You have to stab your mother, she is harmful ”, the young woman justified with round glasses and shaved hair. An explanation that did not convince the attorney general who did not fail to remind him of a letter intercepted in prison, in which Ann M. said that she uses these sounds as an excuse to “release from responsibility”.

“During these three days of listening, I realized the facts”

“She may have lied during her clarifications, but during these three days of hearing, she came to grips with the facts,” her attorney, Anna Nicholas Vanden Bosch, emphasized the “extreme psychological and emotional suffering” of his client whose judgment was poor at the time from the court-supported events. Addressing the jury, “You have to bear in mind that it was the first time the last time,” he asked, eliciting a look of approval from the victim’s mother.

And if the latter’s position was surprising, his lawyer stated that she “was not in denial.” “She just needs to outsource, Charlotte de Boislavel pleaded with me. She has taken her place as a complete victim and can’t act as if nothing had happened. But today, all she wants is to help and take care of her daughter.”

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