TPMP: Loana is back in her fight with Nicholas Waldorf!

The one who often interferes with the TPMP group, Loana, decided to return to her feud with Nicolas Waldorf for the sake of!

A few months ago, Loana participated in Incroyables Transformations on the M6. And the least we can say is that the person (TPMP) is very angry.

Luana (TPMP) angry at Nicholas Waldorf

Luana has bitter memories of her participation in Incroyables Transformations on the M6. In an interview with, the person who often comes to the TPMP captivated: “They ruined me! I don’t have I cried all night.

Loana (TPMP) also added: ” a My hairdresser offered me 2000 euros for extra extensions. My hair was up to the buttocks, blonde as I like. With my narrow look, I arrive in the morning very happy.”.

Before proceeding: “I told them they could touch anything except my hair. I had promised. I ran Cry in the toilet for three quarters of an hour.”. Then the main interested party responded.

Nicola Waldorf also confided to the audience that the young woman had lied. Root: “I think it was a rowdy race! She also said that her hair was very short, and that she had been dyed brunette..

He also swung in Loana (TPMP): “It’s not true at all. I was very disappointed and the entire production too. For me, she is an icon, We had an unlimited budget. I wanted her to look prettier than when she was on the cover of Elle.”.

Then the main interested party returned his truth to “This is totally wrong! When I arrived, I told them they can do whatever they want with me. But they shouldn’t cut my hair and leave me blonde”.

“I really don’t need them to talk about me.”

Loana (TPMP) has: “This is how I like to see myself in the mirror. My hair reached just below the buttocks, up to the shoulders. They cut a certain length. Even the color was more brown”.

Then a friend of Cyril Hanoun (TPMP) said: And they must have known that I wouldn’t love him.. Before confirmation: “If I wanted to participate in a noise race, I would do something else! It makes me laugh”.

highlighted: “Naked in the pool, the noise is over. I really don’t need them to talk about me.”. She also responds to the person who accused him of getting high before attending the show.

Luana (TPMP) also swung: “It shocked me so much. When I arrived, I was very fit. It started at eight in the morning. I certainly wasn’t refreshed in the morning. It ended at 10 pm. So I wasn’t high.”.

He confessed: “Except I closed my eyes when they put my makeup on and combed my hair to get the sleep hours back. I was a little tired because I woke up at seven in the morning..

One thing is for sure, a columnist from time to time in TPMP keeps it very bad memory from this moment. case to follow!

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