The perfect sun oil for hair under 10 euros on Amazon

When the first rays of the sun direct the tip of their nose, it is very important to spread a sunscreen, adapted to the skin of each of them. If we tend to forget certain parts of the body, like the feet or the back of the ear, we also forget to protect our hair from the sun. The solution: a solar hair oil, and this oil is priced at less than 10 euros on Amazon.

Sunscreen hair oil shop on amazon

Protect your hair from the sunIt is just as important as protecting your skin. Indeed, under the influence of the sun, hair can become dry, become thin and brittle, and the scalp can dry out. To avoid his inconveniences, we chose a sunscreen specifically for hair:sun oil for hair. On Amazon, Bilboa Oil is available at €9.52 for a 150ml bottle.

This dermatologist-tested multi-protection sun oil promises to protect hair from UV rays, salt, chlorine, and sand. L ‘bilboa oil Fights unwanted frizz while strengthening and nourishing hair. Perfect for all hair types, simply spray the product evenly onto the hair. To remove traces of bilboa oil on the hair, it is enough to use shampoo.

Tips to protect your hair from the sun

In addition to sunscreen hair oils, there are other tips for protecting your hair from the sun’s rays. If you don’t like oils, you can also apply oils to your hair. sun care Not fat. It is also advisable to hide your hair in a scarf with the help of a hat or hat. Feel free to take out the umbrella if you want to sunbathe.

For after-sun care, we focus on the right nourishing shampoo for your hair type. Be careful, though, that you don’t wash your hair too often. At a maximum of two shampoos per week, rinse your hair with clear water on the other days. After taking a shower, it is advisable to bet on a After sun care Or a hair repair mask.

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