The best current music performances in Paris

From a skit on Broadway canvases to a nostalgic tribute to sea huts, passing through a creative rewriting fake diseasethe capital is full of captivating musical performances to experience with the family, solo or with friends.

lion king At the Mogador Theater

lion king At the Mogador Theater (9) Alessandro Pena – Mogador 2021

Awarded several times, created on Broadway in 1997, then ten years later in French, in Paris, the musical returned to the Mogador Theater. This Lion King is charming thanks to the artistry of the stage stars. Dominique Trotin, conductor of the African tribal music of Elton John and Hans Zimmer accompanied by ten live musicians, and Julie Timur, who won a Tony Award in 1998 for her stage and costumes. The director prefers the fluid movement of the band, which plays, sings and dances in harmony with the words of Tim Rice. “Hakuna Matata! The characters are all there. In the middle of the room, elephants develop into hyenas, via antelopes and giraffes. A hymn to family and nature, the show also pays homage to feminine power. My old companion Mandrill became a respected and listener to a witch (the unspeakable Ntsipa Bitjing). Gwendal Marimoto, seen on The Voice, embodies the rebellious and lovable Simba. We have our eyes full.

“The Lion King” until December 31, 2022 at the Théâtre Mogador (Paris 9). of 10 years.

Producers In the Paris theater

Producers At the Paris Theater (9) Alessandro Pina

Multiple author Alexis Michalek is adapting the Mel Brooks comedy, Producers (1968), which became a cult. Delirium story, the story of Max Bialystok (Serge Postigo), a Jewish Broadway producer penniless and without hesitation. His friend, Léo Bloom (Benoît Cauden), is an accountant introverted in love with Ulla, Junonian’s Swedish secretary (Roxane le Texier). Their bright idea? Put together an offer designed to be an oven for insurance fraud. Joe Vaudeville “Gay” Insane prison. Things will not go as planned because the show will be a huge success.

Conditioning this ginolad is wonderfully hydrophobic. The French child prodigy transformed the Teatre de Paris into a New York cabaret in the 1950s. And on stage with its simple, glowing decor, a group of actresses and actors spare no effort, dancing, listening and singing tirelessly. To the beat of an orchestra led by pianist Thierry Boulanger, all playful excesses are permitted and kind words are a joke. Offer without speed limit. It’s Broadway! The show that just won two Molières awards and has already announced its return at the start of the school year.

“Les Producteurs”, until June 26, then from September 15 to January 8, 2023, at the Théâtre de Paris (Paris 9).

All fire, all women At Théâtre de Poche – Montparnasse

Emmeline Byart on her show All fire, all women At Théâtre de Poche – Montparnasse (6) Caroline Morrow

Glossy black piano, narrow stage and red curtains, the Théâtre de Poche-Montparnasse looks like a cabaret. Singer and actress Emeline Bayart with blonde hair pulled together by a hair clip interprets the Forgotten French songs of Jean Nouhen, Richard Omonroy or Albert Willemitz. The little gems that evoke a woman in every state, touching, seductive, spoiled, and scoundrel, laughing, crying, but not only. Inspired by song Book by Yvette Gilbert, who studied at the Conservatory of Lille, and then the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Paris, the chameleon artist lent her sisters, who lived her charismatic and cunning tones, her angelic or rebel smiles. The grades play with her body, let her hair down and let the tears flow when she realizes her fiancé is no longer 20 years old.

with All fire, all women, Talented Emeline Byart, a huge fan of Anne Sylvester, leans back. It is a wonderful tribute to composers and lyric poets, accompanied by Simon Legend or Manuel Pesquin on piano. Under Frehel, Edith Piaf, or Barbara, I have been able to cheer up the most bleakest of souls.

“All fire, all women”, Monday at 7 pm, until June 27, at Théâtre de Poche – Montparnasse (Paris 6).

All sailors are singers In the revolving theater

All sailors sing at the Rond-Point Theater (8th) Giovanni Citadini Cisse

François Morel has no sea legs, but he does have a sea spirit. As evidence of this, it pays homage to the character of Yves Marie Le Gelvinique (1870-1900), a cod fisherman and above all a poet who disappeared at sea at the age of thirty. The comedian and director found one of Jelvinec’s 12 “songs” in a garage sale in Saint-Lonier (Ile-et-Villains). With his followers, including Antoine Sahler, Morel Gastebois, and Amos Mah, François Morel imagined a show in which the joy of life competes with imagination and vitality. A theatrical “Singing Conference” by Gérard Mordelat, also on stage, alternating with spirited Romain Lemer.

Topped with a garland of light bulbs in the style of a guinguette, the wooden staircase here is a trawler, and there is the port of Lorient or Saint-Malo. A screen showing pictures of the Jelvinnik family, views of the sea and photos of balls from the past. François Morell, happy as a retired Pope, said: ” Loneliness, the wind that blows friendship, / seasickness and anxiety, / rum that makes you forget everything “But also love, children … when the audience is not driving on a boat with a story to sleep long. Drink after a big dose of apple juice!

“All sailors sing”, until June 26, at the Théâtre du Ronde-Point (Paris 8), then on tour.

False delusional in Raid At the Comedy Bastille Theatre

False delusional in Raid At the Comedy Bastille Theater (Eleventh) Bastille Comedy Theatre

Today we know very well the plot fake disease By Moliere: Disabled, Arkan is convinced he is the worst man in the world. Then he decides to marry his daughter Angelique to a doctor, to satisfy all his desire for treatment. Only then does Angelique fall in love with someone else…

The famous comedy Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, whose first performance dates back to 1673, takes its original appearance from the pen, the stage, and the baton of Raphael Calandro. A merry troupe of four actors, their proven chemistry filling the room with crazy energy, parades onstage. She spins, dances and above all sings the rearranged lines from a comedy that hasn’t aged a bit. Along the way, the actors shoot a few spears at the hypocrites of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Cécile Dumotier as mischievous maid Toinette and cheating stepmother Béline, all in eloquent gloom, evokes admiration. A musical show for all ages that makes kids laugh and adults wonder!

“The Imaginary Patient in A Major”, until June 25, Saturday at 3 pm, at the Comedy Bastille Theater (Paris 11), then at the Avignon Festival.

And also… Josephine Baker Musical In New Eve

Josephine Baker Musical On a new night (the ninth) Julian Fashion

After the mural on the life of Nelson Mandela in the musical MadibaJean-Pierre Hadid deals with another powerful character: Josephine Baker. This latest creation is also his first stage. For this, he is well supported, because the artistic and historical advisor is none other than Brian Boyon Baker, the seventh child adopted by Josephine Baker, author Universal Josephine Baker (Éditions du Rocher), recently published.

A troupe of eight artists perform many colorful paintings, designed in vintage costumes, to retrace the life of the woman who has lived in the Pantheon since 2021. During the show, we come across her partners, lovers, and husbands as well as other war heroes who rescued Jewish children. The main role is Nevedya, in which he played Saturday night fever by Stephen Garni. Choreography was entrusted to Flory Souris (Mama Mia) The music is directed by Rafael Banco.

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