She hasn’t washed her hair in 6 years (here’s the result)

no-poo is an abbreviation for “no shampoo” (No shampoo) Peaked in 2015. This consisted of dispensing with shampoo when washing your hair. Like the souffle, the trend quickly subsided. Then, in 2020, with the health crisis in COVID-19 And the arrival of confinement in our lives, it was once again a matter of stopping for a while to wash hair For the treatment of seborrhea. In fact, since no one was able to get out, it seemed appropriate to start this treatment. Laura Ashley, a 27-year-old American, made a more radical decision. Six years ago, she did not wash her hair. And she doesn’t plan to do it again.

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“Nobody ever told me I smell bad”

That’s for sure tik tok The young woman shared her experience. under the nickname “veggieshredder”Laura Ashley admitted that she hasn’t washed her hair in six years:

“If you haven’t eaten meat, dairy, cheese, or used shampoo, conditioner or heat on your hair in 6 years.”.

Unsurprisingly, this recognition caused the web and comments have been bombed. Among those who criticize his choice “I can’t even imagine the smell”And the “We don’t want your tricks »those who were benevolent or even curious, the young woman wanted to make it clear that this was the best decision she had made.

“I was never told that felt bad. Honestly, I get a lot of compliments on my hair.” captured for subway.

According to her, she is often stopped in the street to receive compliments on her hair.

Why this choice?

I stopped using shampoo Supermarket because there are a lot of ingredients added to its formula. The thing is, if I can’t pronounce an active word or don’t know what it is, I’ll try to stay away from it. It is impossible for us Ancestral We’ve lived so long without it, and suddenly we need a synthetic 50-ingredient shampoo to clean our hair.”

Laura Ashley washes her hair with detergent 100% natural For her hair using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Good or bad idea, she seems to love her new hair routine.

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