Metal: Steve Vai king of the guitar at the Trianon

Seeing Steve Fay on stage is always an event. However, the American guitarist is not so rare on stage (he will also be at Hellfest on June 23) but in the category of talented instrumentalists, he occupies a special position, thanks to a particularly “glamorous” stage play. If Joe Satriani, for example, rival and friend in this style of robotic metal, turns out to be more melodic, Vai is always more exciting. Those who saw him when he was still in David Lee Roth’s band, or on tour with a young prodigy singer named Devin Townsend, still remember him. With the help of aging, Fei calmed down. Even with short hair, with a big mustache, and without changing instruments with each title, he gave a very good concert at the Trianon in Paris on Monday 13 May.

Another interesting album, “Inviolate”, under his arm, the American presents himself with three accomplices of the Trianon is well-filled. The procession “Avalancha” opens the ball, Faye plays a guitar equipped with a luminous fret, and of course plays like a deity. A talent shared by backing guitarist, Dave Weiner, the two distinguished themselves during a very pleasant solo full of harmonies. After “Giant Balls of Gold” and “Little Pretty” Vai finally got up to the microphone – he won’t sing all evening – to tell us how happy he was to be there, detailing the obstacle course made to get from Belfast, where he’d played two nights before: “24 An hour from the bus, we missed three ferries…”

Steve Fey moved with that greeting

A giant screen behind Jeremy Coulson’s drums alternately displays the Vai logo, psychedelic images, or images related to the current song, such as a candle lit on a “candle” or a church during “the building of the church”. The pieces are always outfitted with exceptional guitar parts, which we appreciate, and admit, much more than during long intros or extended solos between two pieces. Coulson is also entitled to the end of the concert, fortunately not too long, but also very applauded.

The beautiful song “Whispering a Prayer” is a highlight of the evening, followed by Weiner’s “Dyin’Day” on vocals. The finale is also great, with the song “Liberty”, which could serve as the official anthem for a country still searching for a country, followed by “For the Love of God”, a chance to watch the delicious vintage clip again on the giant screen (1990), With a young Vai with very long hair, playing guitar in the midst of nature with his adorable Conan the Barbarian’s coat on his back!

One appeared this evening, “Taurus Bulba,” the fourth part of the long “Fire Garden Suite” from 1996. May the audience throw a thunderous applause for the artists touched by this welcome, Steve Fey and his musicians saluting them and leaving, not without promising to return quickly. As Fay said earlier in the evening, he’ll be with Hydra, his three-necked monster guitar with which he proudly adorns the cover of his latest record.

Steve Fay “Not Infringed” (Mascot records): 3.5/5. On tour, June 22 in Lille, June 23 in Clisson (Helvest), June 24 in Bordeaux, June 25 in Nimes, June 26 in Lyon, July 12 in Toulouse .

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