Marine Le Pen: When her sister Marie Caroline made politicians “turn their heads”

Before Marine Le Pen established herself as the far right successor to Jean-Marie Le Pen, the Elder Marie Caroline was the family’s hope. Far from the “aggressiveness” of her sister, the politician, who was invited to 8 pm from France 2 on Wednesday, June 15, considered her beauty an advantage.

If she did not witness the success of her sister Marine Le Pen in politics, Marie Caroline nonetheless distinguished herself as a regional advisor at Ile-de-France from 1992 to 2004. Then since 2021. The person who will be 20 hours pass from France 2 This was Wednesday, June 15th too He was raised to succeed his father Jean-Marie Le Pen at the head of the National Front (today’s National Rally), joined the party at a young age and helped his father For 1974 Presidential Then for the 1983 partial legislative elections. But according to an article in UPS this wednesday, “For public opinion” Karo ” He will never have “aggressive traits” by Marine Le Pen.

“At that time, it was mostly This “cool and very funny” collaborator Who has long blond hair and a beautiful face Turns heads, to “perch”And the Our colleagues wrote. The head of the cyclist, Jacques Chaban-Delmas, never misses an opportunity to kiss his hand.” At this time, the eldest daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen was previously a freelancer Le FigaroHe followed him in his political campaigns. She attended several meetings a day and her father forced her to do so “impossible things”ask him to Fit for the game and take a rest in the evening dress In front of Montretout, the family mansion reported UPS.

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Marie Caroline huddled with her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen

The rest we know… Marie Caroline had a falling out with the head of the Le Pen clan in 1998, and the matter was settled To follow Bruno Mégret during the FN . split. Jean-Marie Le Pen was already facing this politician, who wanted to replace him. Marine Le Pen summoned him to leave the party, and he went to create his own movement With one of the leaders of the strife Philip Olivier … and his wife Marie Caroline. A stab in the back of the patriarch who has since that day He denied his eldest son Believing that she acted under the influence of another man who succeeded in replacing paternal love. Nolwin’s mother and Pierre finally returned to RN, led by her sister, in 2016.

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