Lidl takes a hard hit on after-sun hair care for less than €2!

Lidl knows how to take care of its customers. The discount brand has a series of summer deals on all shelves. Every week, it is possible to find cheaper products there. It is also an opportunity to discover new flavors in the food department. Lidl As the season browses. You will find many opportunities in the store to get ready Your barbecue And other appetizers or summer meals, without messing with your budget. Lidl offers many references to gas or charcoal barbecues, of different sizes, according to your habits and needs. This is the strength of Lidl: the ability to address diverse clients who will find everything there for everyday shopping or outfitting. It is also possible to find high quality body products there. Cien . range From Lidl includes creams, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and deodorants.

Cien Tropical Summer After Sun Mask

Lidl sells a 2-in-1 after-sun shampoo that will quickly become your summer beauty beauty’s best ally! Sun, holidays, pollution and extreme heat don’t do your hair any good. UV, which we protect our skin from, also has a negative effect on your hair! Extremely stressful summer conditions can be exacerbated by the effect of chlorine or salt, for example. for your hair and your scalpThese attacks can have dire consequences. Dry hair can become brittle and brittle. Think of you as a sign in the summer. The Cien range includes many remedies that will be necessary to safely enjoy the sun, but also to maintain only the positive effects! It is really essential, just like your skin, that you use it Caring for your hair after exposure to the sun.

Thus, Lidl offers you a 2-in-1 shampoo that allows you to wash first your hair gently. This is the essential step to get rid of dust and other particles. This will also allow the hair to be detangled easily. Its formula also nourishes the hair to reduce the effect of the sun and prevent the hair fiber from drying out. Although the method “Holiday Poetry” It may have a certain allure, it is still better to bet on healthy and radiant hair. Lidl Even stronger because, like other products in the Cien range, this 2-in-1 shampoo is sold at an incredible price. You just need to pay 1.79 EUR For this essential treat for the summer season. At this price, you will have no excuses, your hair can be radiant and healthy!

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