Koh Lanta: Amber returns from adventure ‘infected with hepatitis A’

Amber exited the episode of Koh Lanta that aired on Tuesday, June 14, and admitted that she contracted hepatitis during the match.

Hygiene is involved. Brilliant candidate for the Cursed Totem Season of Koh Lanta, Amber, who was eliminated last night after heading out, reported that he contracted hepatitis A during the show.

“I came back from the Philippines with hepatitis A, which is inflammation of the liver, from eating poorly washed food and certainly because you can’t necessarily wash your hands at the camp…” the young woman stated in an interview with Télé7Jours.

“It wasn’t contagious, you just had to wait for it to pass. I also lost 40% of my hair in January and had to take a major treatment, and I don’t even want to comb my hair anymore…”, she said.

“The strange thing is that I took so long to regain the weight, even though I was eating normally. I think I put myself aside when I returned to France because my companion was afraid that this adventure would change our lives, or that it would change our relationship. Suddenly, I did not talk about Koh Lanta At all, trying to resume daily life too quickly, to erase his doubts. But everything is back to normal today.”

Playoffs were “ass lined noodles.”

About the direction in which she found neither a beacon, nor a direction, nor a dagger, Amber does not hide her disappointment. “My first feeling was disappointment, because we tell ourselves that failure near the goal is very frustrating. I did all I had, I couldn’t do more. There was still a great deal of luck in this event…so there was disappointment but it It didn’t undermine my morale,” she told TeleLouisers.

The qualifications of Jean Charles and Geraldine, according to her, were a stroke of luck. “I think their ass is lined with pasta! Seriously, I have no explanation. Jean Charles is such a huge delay even if I’m happy for it,” she added.

It should be noted that the exam for positions this year will not be opposed by three candidates, but by four candidates. She will be contested by Jean Charles, Geraldine, Francois and Bastien next week, then a final jury made up of this season’s previous major nominees, including Amber, will decide the winner.

Defeated at the publication doors, Amber says she’s very proud of her career but makes clear that she wouldn’t, if offered, to the All-Stars version. “Never in life! I have always cried out to Télé7Jours. Who goes back with his ex-wife or to prison? Nobody! (laughs). I am afraid I will not repeat such a great adventure. In my opinion, the beauty of this experience also lies in its spontaneity and discovery. I didn’t go to Koh Lanta to prove myself anything. I had the opportunity to go away, I have nothing to look for. It was a great adventure, but it came a full turn. On the other hand, it was a bad experience of my absence my love and my mother and I don’t see myself causing it once again “.

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