Koh Lanta: Amber is the victim of a serious illness after being eliminated!

Koh Lanta is no trivial adventure. Therefore, after getting out of filming, Amber had to face a terrible illness.

Since filming for Koh-Lanta ended, the nominees have resumed their lives. But for his part, Amber fought a terrible disease. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The grand end of Koh Lanta is approaching

It’s official, this Koh Lanta season is about to end. After several weeks of broadcasts, twists, turns and extreme tension, viewers will be able to Find out the name of the big winner.

But before reaching the final count, Orientation test As well as posts to be made. And yes, even if the Koh-Lanta rules change a lot this year, the candidates won’t escape these two game moments.

Moreover, the orientation test was conducted on Tuesday 14th June. Despite all expectations, Jean Charles won the victory. And yes, the wise candidate has succeeded in proving himself. After that, Geraldine, Francois and Bastien managed to find their dagger. Therefore, it is Amber who has left the adventure forever.

But in reality, this post-test will not be like any other. And for good reason, for this Koh-lanta of the Cursed Totem, Four candidates will compete in the test. Bastian, who has finally arrived on the way, has the right to curse. Enough to raise the pressure.

While waiting to know the verdict, the Koh-Lanta candidates began to get confident. Then they go back to their experience and don’t hesitate to give minute details. Besides, Amber explains After suffering a terrible illness while leaving the game. MCE TV tells you more!

Amber got sick in the game?

Since the start of this Koh-Lanta game, some candidates have stood out more than others. This is the case, for example, of Amber, which is still talked about. between lip tinglinginsane strategies and sports performances, the young woman never stopped rocking the web.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, June 14th episode, Leave Ambre for good Koh-Lanta. In fact, the latter failed to qualify for the subsequent test. So she sees her dream of victory disappearing at the gates of the Grand Final. Ouch!

Since returning from filming, Amber has not hesitated to speak up to tell her story. interview by the pureThe latter decided to talk about her return home. So I explained: I was so happy to find my bed. I came back during the trifle and raclette season so I was thrilled. Always talking about food and cheese, this has been the dominant theme on Koh Lanta. »

However, his return did not go as planned. In fact, Amber returned with an illness. So I confessed: ” but, I came home with hepatitis AWell, it was a little complicated. It cannot be cured, it goes away on its own. But I’m a little booster based on supplements and other supplements of everything! »

Before proceeding: ” I I lost my hair, I’ve got hepatitis A, and I’m tired… It’s no small feat what we do with our bodies. But it all comes back in the end and today I’m doing very well. »

One thing is for sure, that Koh Lanta candidates are not done paying attention. Follow.

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