Koh Lanta: 40% of her hair falls out as an infectious disease.. Amber’s secrets after her exclusion

The adventurer who recently came out of TF1’s main show, which aired on Tuesday 14th June, revealed that she fell ill during the match.

A trail in the Calamian Islands that you will not forget. Amber, the star candidate for the season Le Totem Maudit de Koh-Lanta, who was eliminated during a steering test, did not return to France empty-handed.

“I came back from the Philippines with hepatitis A, A liver infectionShe revealed in an interview with Télé 7 Jours, because of swallowing food that wasn’t washed well and certainly because you can’t necessarily wash your hands at camp… It wasn’t contagious, you had to wait for it to pass.

Acute infectious liver disease is caused by the virus (HAV). It is the most common type of hepatitis with a variable transmission risk depending on the health conditions of the countries.

“I also lost 40% of my hair in January”

The Koh Lanta candidate also admitted that she experienced a violent physical reaction. “I also lost 40% of my hair in January, I had to get a great treatmentI didn’t even want to comb my hair anymore…”

“It is strange that I took so long to regain the weight, even though I ate normally. I think I put myself aside when I returned to France because my companion was afraid of it This adventure can change our lives, or change our relationship. Suddenly, I didn’t talk about Koh Lanta at all, trying to resume daily life too quickly, to erase his doubts. But everything is back to normal today.”

So the candidate carried out part of the adventure with a disability, which she admitted, in an interview with Medilibre, was disappointed to be eliminated so close to a symbolic event of the show: “To say it” at the doors of the posts, from the final, everything stops, it is difficult. But when I understand it’s over, I’m still happy.”

Another sick filter

It’s the second person, So far, to be a victim of disease during this season. During the April 5 episode, candidate Jean-Philippe was He had to leave the adventure after contracting beriberi. It is usually associated with a vitamin B1 deficiency that causes extreme fatigue and sleep disturbances.

Vitamin B1 is found in meat, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. So the candidate was a victim of his frugal diet and witnessed, helplessly, impressively swollen feet as a result of the disease.

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