‘He ruined my life,’ a victim testifies 75 years ago

“Il m’a bosillé ma vie” : une première victime, âgée de 75 ans, a témoigné mercredi au procès de Dino Scala pour viols et agressions sexuelles, avant de quitter la salle en larmes, éprouvée questions de la cour les Defense. On that day in October 1991, at the age of 45, “I was working in elementary schools, in Maubeuge. We started about six in the morning,” in a trembling voice, this slender little white-haired woman, leaned on a sugarcane in front of the Doi Assize Court.

“I even talked to my kids more”

“I was waiting for my co-worker (…) a man attacked me, grabbed my arm and took me to a rubbish room,” she explains. “He hit me against the wall, grabbed me by the throat, scratched my face. I screamed ‘Help me, don’t kill me, I have children,'” she said she choked. The man “tried to put his hand in my pants, but he couldn’t. I was scared, I was terrified.” No longer remembering why he finally gave up, “the years passed” she almost apologized.

Then she breaks down crying: “He ruined my life with my husband and children.” “I talked to my kids more,” “I didn’t want to say that.” “My husband, he was trying to calm me down, and I didn’t even want him to touch me anymore.” She regrets that she was offered neither psychiatric nor gynecological follow-up, “I was sent to the doctor, that’s it.”

A contradiction pointed out by the President of the Court

Then the president resumes his first testimony noting the inconsistencies, she listens and hears poorly. He told her, “We heard you right away (…) but re-examined by PJ, 27 years later, you’re saying something completely different.” “While you say: I fell off my bike.” She replied, “I never said that.” ‘You say, ‘He’s got a big moustache’, keep reading, as you break down. ‘I didn’t lie, I assure you,’ she shivered. Then as to his lawyer Fanny Breuer: ‘So, am I the accused?’

The defense, in turn, multiplies the questions: “I said” he touched you “over the pants.” “He didn’t manage to unbutton,” he still tried to reply to the complainant. Before we decide that “enough” is enough. She leaves the room crying on the arm of a loved one, sparking a skirmish between lawyers.

short delay

After a short session suspended, she returned to the pub facing the defense, before giving in again, “I’m not feeling well.” “I am not this lady’s abuser,” Dino Scala then asserted. And the modus operandi is not for him, he said.

The accused, who represents 17 counts of rape, 12 attempted rape, and 27 assault or attempted sexual assault, continues to challenge some of them. Of the four assaults examined on Wednesday, he will identify only one, which he has denied until then, and says he has “virtually no” memory of the faces of his victims.

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