Hair transplantation in Turkey or France, how do you choose the best option?

So far hair loss or alopecia are no longer a taboo topic, but this evil that affects men as well as women is a public health problem. Alopecia is not very worrisome, but it can have effects on the mental health as well as the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

A study showed that about 42% of men experienced moderate to severe hair loss (over the age of 18). This risk may increase with age. The study also revealed that risks can increase with age, so 16% of men aged 18-29 and 53% of those aged 40-49 may experience baldness, or progressive hair loss.

Today, several million people around the world suffer from hair loss, also called alopecia or alopecia. This evil that can signal to many people the beginning of a loss of self-confidence and a satisfying social life. Most of these people cannot or stop supporting this position and experience this hair loss as a loss of masculinity. In extreme cases, it can lead to a loss of self-esteem, and even depression.

Advances in medicine have made it possible to develop many treatments that provide permanent and definitive solutions, such as hair transplantation. However, it is a surgical procedure that requires specific conditions of implementation to effectively solve the problem, and bring you all your natural hair.

You live in France and you want to have a hair transplant, but you don’t know where to go, or in which clinic? People doing their research don’t really know the difference between France and Turkey, and think it’s just a matter of prices. The main reason that justifies the attractiveness of hair transplantation in Turkey compared to France and European countries in general, is the more economical price of transplantation. But not only ! The truth is that every year thousands of people travel to Turkey, especially to Istanbul, for hair transplant surgery.

Turkey has a thriving industry dedicated to the medical treatment of foreigners in the field of hair transplantation, offering modern facilities with the latest technological and medical developments. Hair transplant specialists are highly qualified and use the latest medical technologies. Hundreds of clinics are dedicated to hair transplantation. As for the price, it can be up to 50% cheaper than in France. The two countries are about equal in terms of quality or safety.

1- Capelclinic Clinic

Capilclinic is the first European infrastructure to offer its patients stem cell therapy. So if you want a high-quality and permanent hair transplant with a dense and natural result, hair with good vitality and that will stand the test of time: do not hesitate anymore,

The clinic is JCI (Joint Commission International) certified. Ensures the highest quality standards in the healthcare system. The teams are led by Dr. Oguz Kayeran. He takes care of having professional and competent staff for his patients. Their job is to guide patients towards the best hair transplant method, the most appropriate technique for their condition and to provide follow-up throughout the process. The medical teams specialize exclusively in achieving Sapphire FUE and DHI – Direct Hair implants.

Thanks to his career and his teams, Dr. Kieran is now able to provide the best for Alopecia Areata patients. Graduated in 2001. Studied at the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University (Turkey). He started his career as an intern at the renowned Northen General Hospital, Sheffield. He also worked in one of the largest hospitals in Turkey and collaborated in the dissemination of scientific research both nationally and internationally. She is also a member of the Turkish Medical Association, as well as several associations, such as the Turkish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Reconstructive Surgery, Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS) and finally of the Association of Rhinoplasty and Aesthetics of Turkey.

2- Dr. Teyfun Oguzooglu Clinic

In 1998 Dr. Tefun Oguzoğlu established his own Poetry Center in Turkey in Istanbul. Top public health authorities awarded the JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate to Dr. Teyfun Oguzoğlu’s clinic.

Dr. Teyfun Oguzoğlu cooperates only with doctors who have obtained international qualifications certificates and they constantly follow the latest technologies in this sector, so that they can use them during the intervention in the best possible way so that all patients are satisfied with their results.

He graduated from the Medical College of the University Center in Gazi, Turkey. In 1998, he established his personal clinic and became a member of ISHRS (International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery) and will head various positions for nearly 20 years. Currently a member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). He cooperates with many doctors to deepen “International Hair Transplant Standards” in 2016, he was appointed as the head of “ISHRS FUE RWI”, and in 2019 he became the right arm of “ISHRS FUE Cadaver Hands Workshop”. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Teyfun Oğuzoglu has made a name for himself in the field of hair transplantation, thus obtaining qualifications for his collaboration within ISHRS but also for his scientific achievements. In 2016 he received his first awards from the President of ISHRS. The first “ISHRS promotes high standards of safety and quality of care for hair loss patients” and the second “ISHRS Scientific Research” by the leader of ISHRS.

He was also awarded the status of Fellow (FISHRS) in 2018. This title is conferred to medical educators by ISHRS. This award is given to physicians with a high level of experience and knowledge. Dr. Tefun Oguzoğlu is also a 2017 graduate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). Dr. Tefun Oguzoğlu Clinic aims to satisfy every patient.

Turkey offers great attractions for any foreign visitor

Most of the people who go to Turkey, especially to Istanbul for a hair transplant, see it as an opportunity to stay there for a few more days, to be able to take the opportunity to visit wonderful places like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus that connects Europe and Asia … or even go to Cappadocia.

Take the time to visit clinic locations, so you can meet all of your expectations.

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