Hair ties: why you shouldn’t wear them on your wrist

If we’ve all had the reaction one day in our lives to pop the rubber hair around our wrist so we can easily find it when we need to tie our hair up, without having to look everywhere to find it, the idea is, really, it’s not our best . Especially when the rubber band is too tight. There are several reasons for this.

Elasticity around the wrist: possible skin irritation

Because it prevents the skin from breathing properly or it is made of a material that your fragile skin cannot tolerate (plastic, rubber, nylon fibres, having nickel to fixflex Or dyes to color it…), you risk seeing a rash appearing on your skin by wearing it on your wrist for hours on end. Same if you don’t wash your elastic regularly which, in turn, crawls with dead cells, hair product residue, and other impurities that are likely to make your skin react. subordinate red dishesEven bulges may appear, which is a sign that your skin reacts poorly to contact and it’s not smart to leave them in place.

When it is too tight, such as a string bracelet, the rubber band can also skin laceration. However, if bacteria get into the wound, the wound can become infected and in the worst case, cause an infection Sepsis.

Beware of circulatory disorders due to rubber bands

sIf the cord is too tight and circulation is compromised, there is a risk of serious injuryHe explains to the newspaper HuffPost Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, a dermatologist at the American Hudson Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery in New York. “Reducing blood flow to any area of ​​the body – whatever it is – is never ideal, especially for long periods of time‘The expert adds. So if your wrist becomes whiter than its normal color or cold around ithair elasticityThis is a sign that it is too tight and not enough blood is being supplied to the area. In other words, you must quickly remove the strap from your wrist so that the symptoms disappear quickly.

In addition to circulatory consequences, it is also nervous effects Which can be expected with a fairly long pressure on the wrist with an elastic to tie the hair. In fact, as neurologist Huma Sheikh, who works at the American Clinic of Neurology in New York, points out, “There are many arteries and nerves that run around the wrist area, and depending on how tight the rubber band is, it can push or put pressure on the arteries, tendons, and nerves in that area.The result, the doctor explains,This can cut off the blood supply to the surrounding muscles and nerves, which can lead to nerve damage“.The signs of this phenomenon are numbness or tingling in the area under the nerve, from the wrist to the palm of the hand, then the fingers, then gradually the whole arm, and finally pain.”If the rubber band is removed quickly and blood is restored, there is usually no permanent damage. However, if the wrist is compressed for a long time, there may be permanent damage.s” a neurologist.

Compression and carpal tunnel syndrome: What are the risks?

It is very common for hair ties, or other bracelets that are slightly tight, to highlight symptoms carpal tunnel syndromeWhich represents Disorders related to compression of the median nerve in the wrist (tingling, sensory disturbances, lack of strength). If they can have serious consequences, as we have seen, they have little risk of exacerbating this disorder on the other hand. “Despite doubts about the possibility of causing carpal tunnel syndrome – eg for those who type all day at the computer, or by repetition of another manual task daily – it is a disease largely determined by genetic predisposition.says Michael Houseman, MD, chief of upper limb surgery at the Mount Sinai Health System. Other secondary factors are possible such as diabetes and thyroid disease.

Hair elasticity: what are the good feedbacks?

The ideal option is to choose a successful hairstyle, models with rubber bands from a natural material (cotton, linen …) and as loose as possible, so as not to put pressure on the skin if you really want to wear them on the wrist for a short time in a while. And in this case, it should also be washed regularly with a mild detergent and allergen-free to avoid the problem of skin reaction.

But to avoid hair splitting, the simplest thing is to put the rubber band in your pocket, around your mobile phone, clip it to your key set or in your handbag, so you don’t run into any risks, all while it’s still close at hand.

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