Hair Cryotherapy: Benefits

cryotherapy It is a specific treatment, especially recommended for Damaged hairBrittle, dry and dull. From what is it made? How is cryotherapy performed? What are the benefits of this treatment on hair? Gianni Cuba, founder of the hairstylist for Salon R’Factory (located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris), answers us.

What is cryotherapy for hair?

Cryotherapy – understanding, cold therapy – restores the natural barrier of hair, and, finallyto deeply fix it.
Principle ? A treatment rich in açaí, hyaluronic acid and collagen is applied to the hair for several minutes. Then a “frozen” straightener (at -16 degrees) is used to make the product penetrate the hair fiber.

Hair Cryotherapy: Benefits

“This treatment facilitates lubrication between the hair fibres, allows for optimal absorption of nutrients and promotes complete rebuilding of the hair,” says hairstylist Gianni Cuba. Before adding: “After the cryotherapy, hair is shiny, smooth and silky. The hair fiber is repaired for four to seven weeks.”

Cold hair treatment for whom is it?

Official expert: This technique is suitable for everyone hair type : Normal for the most vulnerable. However, this treatment is especially recommended for people with damaged, brittle, fine, very dry and/or dull hair.

“We start the cryotherapy with shampoo in order to open up the hair scales,” the expert explains. The botanical treatment (made up of hyaluronic acid and collagen) is then applied to the hair that is still damp. cold hair straightener, used, strand skein. Finally, care rinse in tank to get rid of excess, before drying box/brush.

Does cryotherapy smooth hair?

If you want to get soft hair In the long run, you will have to resort instead to Brazilian hair straightening. In fact, cryotherapy does not change the structure of the hair fiber. On the other hand, after the treatment, the hair becomes softer.

Hair cryotherapy, what are its dangers?

This treatment is not at all aggressive for the hair fiber (on the contrary) and is suitable for all hair types. “Cryotherapy is ideal before summer to protect the fibers from the harmful effects of UV rays, chlorine and salt water,” the expert stresses. “This technique is also recommended after dyeing or post-plugging for a quick hair fix.”

Cryotherapy for hair: at what cost?

On average, the prices for cryotherapy range from 100 to 130 euros, depending on the hairdressing salons and the length of your hair.

>>> Many thanks to Gianni Cuba, hairdresser in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, for his expertise and availability.

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R Factory, 3 rue de Favorette, 75015, Paris.

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