Damienabad case: Woman testifies of attempted rape in 2010

New testimonies condemning the behavior of Solidarity Minister Demianabad. After the first revelations to Mediapart, a woman agreed to break the silence and recount an attempted rape that allegedly occurred in 2010.

Two testimonies appeared immediately after his appointment, and since yesterday, June 14, 2022, New voices are raised to evoke Damienabad’s attitude towards women.

Mediapart revealed many elements about the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy, and People with Disabilities To describe repetitive behaviors “heavy”And the “indecent”And the “salt”Gestures and words “displaced” Who have nothing to do in a professional environment, as well as the testimony of a central elected official confirms They were raped From the current minister, facts dating back to 2010.

A woman decided to break the silence in turn and told Mediapart An ‘unhealthy’ and sexist climate, ‘in which dredging has been ‘institutionalised’, and where ‘women are often reduced to their physical appearance or seen as assets of ‘communications’.

As I mentioned A feeling of omnipotence stems from the politicianincreased tenfold when he became a member of the European Parliament in 2009.

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Attempted rape in 2010

She makes urgent remarks, but also makes inappropriate references that she attributes to his disability:

“Often, when we would meet at party meetings, to say hello, he kissed me, he would stretch his arms as if to put them on my shoulder, and then rub them, as well as his hands, on my chest.”

During a 2010 dinner with CEOs from the center that she attended and where Damianabad was located, she allegedly attended He saw something at the bottom of the cup that the latter was giving him.

“I didn’t know what it was” she says. “I was confused by his previous behaviour, I was afraid he had put something inside me that was bothering me”. She says right away He spat on his mouth in the toilet..

a Stunning details When we recall that one of the first witnesses expressed her fear of being drugged and raped in 2010.

It doesn’t stop there: she says Damienabad pushed her into a room and then tried to rape her. She struggled afterwards and managed to free herself by hitting him in the stomach.

Testimony thwarted Damianabad’s defense since the beginning of the revelation, That is, his disability will not allow him to coerce someone by force.

As feminist hand activist Céline developed Extenso for Mademoiselle, rape is often associated with the idea of “physical violence”He went “Moral constraint is an equally powerful weapon, be it manipulation, bewilderment, blackmail, or threat, but also chemical submission, as stated in the Abad case.”.

The facts go back more than ten years, but Mediapart has collected the words of many people who have been captured by this new witness in the Abad case, in her intimate entourage, but also on the party side.

Mediapart also reveals that a member of the Republican Party allegedly suffered from the minister’s inappropriate behaviour Received text messages from Damianabad and contacts from a relative, when he had just received questions from journalists as part of their article containing the first two testimonies. He asked her if she had spoken to the press.

Miss Certificate

Between 2014 and 2019, Damien Abad maintained a correspondence with Miss Pays de l’Ain whose testimony Mediapart had collected. I found the young woman at first It’s kinda funny to see someone in this position who is interested in baby and beauty pageants Over time, Damienabad was more and more insistent to meet her in a private place late at night. Although he did not pay any attention to the answers of his interlocutor, he would have carried on.

The young woman’s roommate at the time confirmed her messages:

“We took it a bit as a joke, also because when we were young, before #MeToo, it was seen as a normal situation, so we tried to take all the nagging guys a little bit lightly.”

The former miss confesses today not to be ” Surprise “ Charges against Damienabad.

New testimony, but no reaction to Matignon

“I can assure you that if there are new elements, and if justice is served again, we will draw out all the consequences of this decision.” Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said in response to the first accusations after the new government was announced. Will you react today in light of this new press investigation?

Damianabad did not respond to reporters. With France 3 Auvergne Rhone-Alpes, denied it “definitely” These new allegations are confirmed: “He will not destabilize me! I will continue the campaign.” The minister qualified for the second round of the legislative elections in Al Ain Fifth Constituency against candidate Nobbs Florence Pisani.

After the outcry caused by a visit to the high school by the gendarmerie, a young feminist dared ask Emmanuel Macron “You put at the head of statesmen accused of rape and violence against women, why?”Many are now waiting for the government to stop burying its head in the sand and take responsibility.

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