Cuts to avoid according to your morphology

Hairstylist and make-up artist at the hit show Incredible transformationsBroadcast on M6, Nicholas Waldorf signed his first book with Solar Editions, You have an appointment ?. On the occasion of the release of his book, MediSite shares its best Tips To take care of hair throughout life and learn to know yourself and make the right choices when it comes to hair styles.

“The Poetryit really is ability from someone. This is what surrounds Faceso it’s the first thing we look at, stress it Nicholas Waldorf. And this is what can change the face: it can smooth the features, feminine, smooth … Today, it is important and we can see it.

Hence the importance of avoiding missteps when you want to change your mind.

Hair: dye, cut … How to choose the right one?

before looking change your mindKnow that everything must be done gently. “Stop wanting to change your hair color five times a year. You can’t, unless you wear wigs, that’s what Nicola Waldorf warns. And your hair won’t give it back to you. You have to do things gently to keep your beautiful hair. Don’t walk away too much. Five tones of your color. I always tell my clients to shine in the summer and enhance the deeper colors in the winter.”

In winter, we tend to have lighter skin, while in summer, we have dyed They will be moved further. “At the time, highlights of blonde will make the highlights, and it’s perfect. But you have to keep in mind that there is no ‘trend.'” You have to choose The color that suits youHair stylist recommended. People are often afraid of red or gold. But there is a lot of gold. Also, I always recommend heating up the color. If we bet on a beautiful gold or copper that blends with your color, the result will be a hit. In principle, warm colors accentuate the skin tone.

However, be careful not to over-lighten. “With a tan, it might look like a harmonious color. It’s not natural. Unlock only with the key And make the patten a little snug for freshness and comfort.”

As for the perfect cut, it will depend on Facial morphology. “You have to know the shape of your face And accept it as it is because you live with it,” explains Nicola Waldorf. To make your task easier, the expert reveals 7 existing face shapes as well as cuts to avoid according to morphology. Pictures.

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