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In appearance, everything smiles at young Siluya, played by Magdalena Kolesnik. The young fitness influencer, who has 600,000 subscribers on social networks, has successfully built a comfortable daily life Between appearances on TV, paid partnerships, or gifts from his fans. However, the constant pressure of her activism now prompts her to express her malaise and loneliness over the networks that built her niche, much to the chagrin of her patrons.

Sweatshirt It is built entirely around its main character, Siluya. I thought almost like a documentary, no sequence to see her leave the field, Sweatshirt So live or die by a lead actress who, for her first leading role, was great despite being a regular at the gym or social media.

First, she appears to us in the guise of an energetic almost thirty-year-old, methodically wearing a commercial smile for circumstances, never sincere. In their intimate relationship, we discover a vulnerable young woman whose fame and material comfort do not quell loneliness. Magdalena Kolesnik manages to brilliantly serve the face of a fitness influencer, and this is the main challenge of the film, which in this sense is comparable to some biographies.

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Imagine rocket man Where Elton John’s translator sounds boring to you, that’s the risk taking the movie. Fortunately, that’s not the case, and the credibility of a positively-minded Barbie who defies the limits of her emotional show-off looks as solid as a bar of chocolate.

To support Siluia’s character, Magnus von Horn designed her entire stage around her. The point of view is subjective, realistic and focuses on three days in the heroine’s life. Thus, the director abandoned his storyboard habits of recording long sequences without interrupting himself, in order to convey his daily life (even trips in his dynamic executive car, or the protein liquid meals the young woman eats).

The young camera is constantly following, with rare exceptions subtly And at her request (when she changes, for example), she acts as a mirror of her psychological state. Thus, during her athletic performance (where she was a true teacher of precisely marketed positive thinking), we observe Sylvia’s face, as well as her body while taking extremely close up photos, without a fixed camera.

Sweatshirt: photo, Magdalena KoleśnikIs Magdalena Kolesnik trustworthy as a sports coach? a thousand times yes

This makes it possible to show the movement and energy of the sports coach, but also the look of the spectators on her body. exactly the contrary, Sweatshirt He presents several plans made for the loss of the young woman in contexts of discomfort for the latter, such as a family visit that does not go as planned.

The soundtrack follows the same principle of gradingAnd a nice split is formed. During Celuia’s star-studded performances and moments of stardom, the viewer is sometimes immersed in pop music by drowning out the singing, while in more intimate venues the soundtrack is quieter to allow Celuia to immerse themselves in this challenging exercise of dialogue (when not performed against the screen).

Sweatshirt: photo Magdalena Koleśnik

When you tell the editorial staff you have a nice place for Scandinavian directors

make you think

More than ten years after the arrival of leaders of this kind like black mirrorIt seemed difficult to get us to think about the place of social networks in our socialization process. So the risk was that it would end up with an agreed-upon movie, telling the now apparent reality that having a character so followed on the networks is in no way a guarantee of any investigation. Luckily, Sweatshirt He managed to thwart this trap by fulfilling a completely different ambition.

This is not the ups and downs we witness the fall of an icon. The movie doesn’t aspire to deliver a moral message by making Sylvia fall like she’s Ikarus Fitness on Instagram. Sweatshirt Moreover, he chooses to describe the daily life of a rather modest character, whose shows in shopping centers in Poland are a rare opportunity for her to watch local television, in order to convey the ins and outs of a relationship as complex as it is toxic. , but also to break free that it is possible to work to contain one’s own weakness.

Sweatshirt: photo Magdalena Koleśnik

Siluya hopes to control her objective image in the comfortable third chapter

On the contrary, the desire for the story is to draw parallels, for Demonstrating the subordination shared between Siluia and her audience, but also the subordination that the young woman is subject to. In the face of men, it is clearly a cup, a representation of traditional femininity, a perfect plastic model, but women also object to it, who attach to her body as if it were a product, claiming that she wanted her hair, or his eyes, or his eyes. Radfan.

in one ofThe best of the sequence, the story shows Sylvia sharing a coffee with an acquaintance she’s lost. If the latter spills her hardships, she interrupts the discussion with the athletic trainer when the latter can finally indulge in a selfie request. This clip shows another version of the objectification that the young woman experienced. Outside of her role as a supercharged life coach, no one wants to hear her when she’s in turn pathetic or miserable.

Sweatshirt: photo Magdalena Koleśnik

By being immersed in his daily life, Sweat manages to make the story human and benevolent

Sweatshirt Thus he succeeds in unleashing a rare humanity and thwarting the predictions of his spectators, a fortiori in a third chapter in which he flirts with excitement, and takes risks to describe a strange and silent relationship. It manipulates the expectations of onlookers, anticipating a tragic outcome of the young woman’s adventures, and manages to forcefully enforce its end, like a human statement in response to the modern command to be athletic, comfortable in one’s own skin. . , so the best it can be.

And if our complex relationship with the screen and the resulting socialization is nothing new, then in this sense the film is able to remain a burning topic.

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