Assizes of the Oise. Claremont: Accused of stabbing her mother, Anne Moranvilliers claims she was raped multiple times

The verdict in Ann Moranvillers’ trial before the Oise Assizes in Beauvais is expected on Wednesday, June 15th at the end of the day. – Photo: Oise Hebdo . Archive

On the second day of the trial of Anne Moranvilliers, before the goose felony, Anne Moranvilliers on Tuesday, June 14, the young woman is accused of stabbing her mother, on June 2, 2019, in a ward in Clermont regressing for the first time in the journey of his life. The interrogation expresses itself completely without searching for words and in a chronological way: “I was conceived in the context of a medically assisted childbearing, because my mother had a gynecological problem. I had a happy childhood, my parents pampered me and really loved me. I continued a normal education until the fourth gradeThe tenth, My math teacher raped me in a middle school class. It was early summer and I didn’t tell anyone. My goal was to become a midwife but when I was in my first yeartime, I saw this teacher again who applied to me and I changed schools. Then I found myself in a creel and there, it was really scary …»

“I’ve been searching for myself for a long time…”

Then she took another career direction: “JI joined the National Police cadets, where I only stayed a few weeks, because the sport was too much for me. True, I searched for myself for a long time … Then I became a police officer of my country in two towns on the outskirts of Paris and was a victim of gang rape in Villejuif …»

Then Anne Moranvilliers took off her blonde wig and appeared completely bald: I suffer from alopecia areata, a disease that causes hair loss. I have a suicidal urge, I already went out the window and it wasn’t a suicide attempt, I really wanted to die … »

“I wasn’t in my normal state…”

Martin Brancourt, the president of the Assize Court, told her that neither she nor the judges believed in the validity of these supposed sexual assaults. Not a problem for Anne Moranvilliers who continues to stress that these rapes are very real: “I realize it’s a lot, but I’ve run into people who have offended me… »

Finally, she addresses her parents who are sitting on the bench in the civil parties: I wasn’t in my normal state and I ask you to believe me, I have no memory of carrying a knife to stab my mother… »

Anna Moranvillers was due to be heard on the facts on Wednesday, June 15, prior to the attorney general’s argument, the attorney general’s requests and the defense attorney’s argument. A verdict is expected at the end of this afternoon.


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