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The luster and softness of the hair are related to the condition of the sheath around it: the cuticle. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, which forms a protective layer around the hair, making it smooth and shiny. Excess makes hair greasy. Focus on a very common problem among men.

Why do I have greasy hair?

Before understanding the causes of this hair problem, it must be identified. Thus to answer a basic question: How do you recognize oily hair?

If pomade is necessary to protect the hair from external factors, it makes the hair greasy, suffocating it from the roots and causing it to fall out. Hair becomes dull and coarse. Visually, it looks like they haven’t been washed for days or even weeks, to “stay” between them. Moreover, this excess sebum can also be the reason for the appearance of dandruff in your hair.

Hormonal disruptions are often the cause of abnormal fat production, as well as a poor lifestyle. Therefore, treatment must come from within and from without.

Basic reading:

Do you know your hair type?

To get rid of oily hair, the ideal is to find out why: a bad lifestyle or a hormonal problem, do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist (general practitioner or endocrinologist for example) to find out. Once the report is prepared, several treatments are available to you.

Use the right shampoo

There are special types of shampoos for oily hair. But avoid using it more than once or twice a week. Frequent use may lead to an opposite effect by stimulating sebum production.

For more regular washing, Prefer ph neutral shampoo. It is preferable to choose a brand of pharmaceutical laboratories such as Dercos for shampoo treatment. Change the shampoo regularly because your hair may get used to the shampoo which will not have any effect in the long term.

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Give your hair a mask

In addition to the special oily hair shampoo, you can also apply a soft hair clay mask to your hair (especially if you have a long mane). You can find them in pharmacies and drug stores that are ready-made or ready-made.

Leave it on for 10 minutes once a week for a month. Three or four drops of sage or lavender essential oil are added to your regular shampoo to get rid of excess sebum without attacking the scalp.

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Oily hair mask

Adapt to your lifestyle

Remember that the overproduction of fat is partly due to stress, pollution, and poor diet. It goes without saying that excessive alcohol intake and smoking have a direct effect on oily hair. Start by getting rid of all that you lack and treat with brewer’s yeast, which is excellent for keratin, and therefore for nails and hair. Strengthens without making it greasy.

Food often plays its part. Try to eat foods rich in vitamins and proteins that are good for hair.

Also avoid stressing your scalp with excessive massaging and brushing. As such, stop running your hand through your hair all day: this is the best way to pomade your hair. finally, Gels and waxes are strongly not recommended on oily hair as they only make matters worse.

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