The day begins – ‘peak of shame’, ‘I want to vomit’, ‘He’s a crazy person’: netizens are deeply shocked by the testimony of a woman victim of sexual and domestic violence

Screenshot of France 2 live / starting today

This Monday, June 13, 2022, the day begins in France 2 to highlight sexual and domestic violence. After recalling that nearly half of all rapes were committed by an ex-husband or partner, Faustin Pollaert interviewed Nadig, who lived through hell in her previous relationship. The details of his testimony shocked many netizens.

On Monday, June 13, 2022, the day begins to address a very powerful topic: the topic of domestic and sexual violence. To start the show, which was not exceptionally recommended for children under the age of ten, Faustin Bollaert gave an interview to a particular club. The young woman first told how she fell through the cracks of her ex-partner, whom she met at work in 2010, and who first appeared to be a witch by offering to take care of her car problem. “In the beginning is the stage of seduction. A person will find exactly what will seduce you and what he is missing. It is the first stone of fist. After it begins to arouse suspicion, it isolates you from yourself and others, socially, even work and will slide towards more and more violent behavior,” explains Alama Self Natasha Espier.

video. “While he was trying to kill me, my husband was on the phone with his mistress”

Very quickly in Nadig’s story, the man in question begins to regard the young woman as something that must fulfill his least expectations and desires. So controlling, he went so far as to envy her relationship with her best friend, denigrate her, and stop her from taking the pill. Even getting to sexual violence… “He forced me into sexual practices that weren’t mine, and told me I would end up in love and that he could go somewhere else if I refused”, testified in particular by the young woman, who reported very frequent requests. She recalls, “I was sometimes forced to do oral sex, 20+ per day, when I was cooking etc. He was simply helping himself and it was every day!”. At the request of Faustin Bollaert, who wanted to know the worst scene she could remember, Nadig recounted a shocking moment when she was eight months pregnant. She went to bed, and her ex-companion could not bear that she did not immediately follow him into the bedroom.

“He came back to pick me up and pulled me by my hair. He told me, ‘When I go to bed, you come to bed!'” I’ll take you like a bitch! For 24 hours after this scene, the victim could no longer feel the movement of her child, which made her fear a miscarriage. Fortunately for her, her baby was finally born healthy. Also thanks to her, Nadège was able to get out of this tragic situation, having promised to always protect her. In The day her companion wanted to “strangle her, threaten her with a bowl while she held her baby in her arms, then broke the dishes before forcing her to carry her,” she knew the moment to leave had come for good.

After learning that several of her ex-girlfriends suffered from the same abuse, she ended up complaining to some of them. A trial took place at funerals that interviewees described as “shock”. His touching testimonial stirred up the hearts of netizens, many of whom reacted on Twitter.

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