The courage of a woman in the face of her executioner

the moment. These few minutes were lived on June 28, 2019, in Lit-et-Mixe, by a 30-year-old woman facing her ex-boyfriend, who had butchered her eyes with a butcher’s knife. He mocks his judicial review. He knows he won’t see his kids anymore. It was decided not to.

The presence of this victim in front of the jury is precious but very painful. The courtroom may be spacious, but the mother of the family suffocates in this room where her executioner breathes. Graduation. Returning requires a superhuman effort. Concerned about his stressful state, his lawyers, Ms. A.e Valentini and M.e Mattioli-Dumont, petitions the Department of Victim Assistance and Mediation (Adavem).

‘ruin my life’

Gently, the hostess holds the mother’s hand. Help him direct his attention and emotions. Move forward to testify. The three women position themselves as a firewall between them and the accused. One by one, the handkerchiefs were filled with tears. 30-something wearing a cream jacket. She has a presence in spite of her shoulders, which bear immeasurable pain.

Her hair is ebony tied back. His right eye could no longer see more than vague spots of light. Almost all of the optic nerves were severed due to transverse lacerations of several centimeters. His left eye has a very small field of view. The four surgeries reduced the scars. Aesthetic success but it doesn’t cure ‘terrible migraines’ nor psychological catastrophe nor even ‘eye discharge as if I’ve been hit again’. “I still have two operations to undergo,” she said between sighs. You ruined my life. »

life for her

After becoming afraid of open spaces, this beautiful young woman removed all the mirrors around her. “I hate seeing myself. I hate how others look at me. The flesh of his body does not survive this trauma which is no exception.” My children are laid. It’s so hard to have someone destroy me. I see them once a month but I can’t even hug them anymore. I am no longer the mother I used to be. »

The attorney general reminds him: “Your ex-boyfriend is sentenced to life imprisonment.” “I was the one who took my life. I am broken as a mother. My life failed.”

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