Le Labo, an ethical and committed hairdressing salon

Not affected by her name. Le Labo is not a science landmark but a hair salon. Like its name, the concept is also original. Created by Alexandre Lebo, European Champion and Vice World Champion in Hairdressing, Le Labo is a salon that specializes in short haircuts and offers non-gender prices, based on hair length. But the hero’s haircut goes further. Staff welfare and environmental commitment are at the heart of her concerns.

“We had to be able to stand out for it to work”

After opening the first salon in Van, Alexandre came to implement his concept in Nantes. Lab doors opened on March 21, 2022 at Chantiers Navals. I did not want to open a classic salon, we had to stand out for it to work, because we are not the only ones in Nantes. So I chose to specialize in short hair to perform at this level. For him, in short hair, the service is the same for a woman as for a man. Then the gender-disaggregated prices were clear. There are as many efforts and innovations to cut men as there are for women, so there is no reason for there to be any differences. It’s 25 euros for the cut above the ears and 35 euros from the ears to the shoulders.

Ethical and committed

Its main priority is nothing but the well-being of its employees. The salon is closed on weekends, although Saturday is the busiest day in terms of attendance and staff turnover. The wages are attractive and the working conditions are pleasant. Financially it’s punishing closing on Saturdays, but in the long run I think I’ll be the winner because I want my hairdressers to be with me as long as possible and the weekend is an added bonus.

In second place is the environmental priority. Le Labo works with Biosthetique products, a climate-neutral, high-tech brand that offsets all carbon dioxide emissions.2 With the Climat Partner Association. I try to seduce people with our experience and prices, this commitment is more personal because I can’t imagine it otherwise. We no longer have a choice, we can’t keep moving forward with blinders. The end result, of course, is customer satisfaction.

Lab lounge

4, Place of Commander Jean l’Herminier

Open Monday-Wednesday 10am-7pm and Thursday-Friday 10am-8pm.

Le Labo, an ethical and committed hairdressing salon

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