“I wash my hair every 10 days”

The smile of an angel and the hair of dreams, Tatiana Silva is one of the most beautiful TV personalities. What are her secrets and tips to always look radiant? Meets.

For several years, Tatiana Silva has been the face not to be missed on TF1 and LCI. A former beauty queen, TV presenter, weather presenter, and author of her first book It all starts with yourself, editions of Alpine Michele, the young lady doubles the hats like no one else. A fan of yoga, she takes care of herself first from the inside. face to face.

Do you sometimes go out without makeup?

Tatiana Silva : Yes, often and especially during my days off. It’s my gift to my skin, which adapts to a lot of makeup because of my job. However, if I look too pale, a little powder and blush can often help my self-esteem (laughs).

In the morning when you wake up how do you feel?

It will depend on the night, if that’s soothing, I guess I’m lucky. If on the contrary, it is moved, I would like to thank all the chemists for their work on the wonderful products that save my terrible mine.

What are your current basics?

Vernix cream from Biologique Recherche. With the sun falling more and more, it is important to provide comfort and repair to my skin at night. This mask is magical! Baïja ultra-nourishing tube cream. When you have dry skin like mine, finding a rich, nourishing conditioner is invaluable. My Lavera Deodorant Strong Edition! It’s a formidable ally for this summertime period, and it’s so effective that it has become a must. The hydraulics of Ladrôme are the highest. I usually use it before my botanical serum, but I also recommend it here as a makeup finisher as a mist that gives a natural glow. Last but not least, I discovered Codage’s “Moisturizing” serum that I use with vegetable oil instead of aloe vera. It works great. My skin looks completely plump.

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What do you think of plastic surgery?

I think above all you have to feel good about yourself and that the ways to get there are diverse. It is a personal choice that no one should interfere with. Our freedom ends where our freedom begins

3 gestures you “beautiful skin”?

Clean, Nourish, Moisturize, Protect (yes these are 4 but they’re like the great four, don’t separate)!

How do you take care of your hair?

My relationship with my hair is unique. I wash them every 10 days, and I use almost exclusive products from the Leonor Greyl brand they love. Rinse them with water and a little apple cider vinegar to remove lime residue and give them extra shine. Finally, I do a dye treatment at my hairdresser to revive the side of chocolate I love so much.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

Make a hydrating face mask a few times a week. For skin that is dry or prone to dehydration, it is very difficult to keep our skin fresh and hydrated. It was a simple yet very effective trick.

Who is your beauty icon?

My icons have an inner light that makes them beautiful like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Marceau, and Deepika Padukone.

Do you diet or exercise to keep up the streak?

Yoga is the pillar on which my body rests. It allows me to maintain a healthy body and at the same time keep in touch with me. Thus, I know if it is necessary to rebalance certain aspects of my diet without waiting for it to go away.

Has your vision of beauty evolved over the course of your career?

A little bit. I love the timeless and elegant aura that women emit. Beauty alone cannot be sublime.

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