How to look younger in a pixie cut for women over 50

Adopting a short haircut is not an easy decision. Related to the male gender, this cut should be tailored in a way that does not detract from our femininity. Especially at the age of 50, when signs of aging become more and more noticeable. We invite you to discover the pixie cut for women over 50 – a very cool and very rejuvenating option.

But what is the point of a short haircut first? Although it is difficult to say goodbye to your lengths, we have come to a point in life where the short haircut for women at the age of 50 presents itself as the best hair decision. As we reach our 50s, the texture of our hair undergoes changes that are inevitable for most women. Hair becomes thinner, coarse and brittle and men lose their volume and luster in the past. Young hair can only be restored with scissors. To refresh and brighten the face, as if to improve its features and no longer cause the hassles of tangled hair.

The 50-year-old’s short haircut – the perfect solution for fine hair

What is a pixie cut?

A pixie doesn’t have to be a short haircut, because any short haircut isn’t necessarily a pixie haircut. This was specifically created in order to accentuate femininity and increase design possibilities. Short at the back of the neck, the genus develops in a few lengths on the top of the head. The forehead is often veiled with a fringe. The interest is huge! For example, you can use it as a way to hide some wrinkles that are already etched on the forehead. Too elongated face? The pixie cut with long bangs is able to restore balance to proportions. round face ? Reattach the locks at the top of the head to visually lengthen the look.

The great advantage of cutting fairies is the ability to play with lengths

Example of a pixie cut with bangs = long straight short 50 year old woman model (1)

Thanks to the length of the skein, there is no one way to style a pixie cut for women over 50. It is up to you to decide how to do this depending on the aesthetic effect you want. Below you will find a brief overview of some of the popular ways to adopt a genie at age 50.

# Distinctive pixie cut

In general, shaggy pixies have the great advantage of increasing the volume of hair. The effect will be maximized if you dare to cut short hair with characteristic hair. Contrasting hair colors make a statement.

Highlights Increase Volume

Long Bangs Makeover Hairstyle Woman 50 Years Dark Blond Hair Color

# pixie cut on gray hair

Wearing your natural hair has become very popular in recent years. This still applies to salt and pepper hair that many celebrities today wear with dignity and without pretension. All the better if you combine your gray hair with a modern and dynamic pixie cut. You will not only look trendy, but also fresh. It’s a good solution plus for women who want to take a break from coloring and revitalize their skin.

Cut the female pixie on gray hair – a fashionable idea

The idea of ​​a 50-year-old woman cutting short gray hair with fairy bangs

# messy cut messy

In case you have always kept a rebellious spirit at the age of 50, feel free to flaunt your personality through this hairstyle. The crepe and ruffled top will add a rocky note to your look. There’s movement, there’s personality, there’s the phrase that “age is just a number.” A little bit of gel or styling wax, and you’re done.

Beautiful and rebellious pixie cut

Arctic blonde hair color and volume Short hairstyles for women

# pixie cut with bangs

A pixel cut is almost always accompanied by a bang. Longer or lower, asymmetric or straight – the fringe is there to rebalance the proportions of the face, hide small imperfections and accentuate the appearance. It fits perfectly with its lightness and smoothness.

Make way for style with a pixie cut with bangs

Haircut idea for fine and flat hair 60 years with asymmetrical bangs

#pixie piece with shaved sides, long top

Finally, if you want to take a younger look at your hairstyle, consider cutting the neck and sides around the ears. Thus, you will create a very clear visual break. The look is very bold and dynamic, as a 50 year old woman should be.

Short sides, long top – pixie for 50 year old woman

Pixie haircut for 50 year old woman with blonde highlights and long asymmetrical bangs

Example of volumetric haircut from the top and sides Side parting Short hair 50 years

50 year old woman short haircut long gray hair pixie with volume

A very elegant short haircut for the modern woman with long blonde hair

Blonde Highlights Short Hairstyle For 50 Years Old Woman With Oversized Glasses On Top And Standing Out Around The Face

A 60 year old woman's pixie cut model with bangs on the side lengths on top


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