Comb or brush: which tool to choose depending on your hair type?

Depending on your hair type, you don’t style your hair the same way and care for it differently. Some hairs are easier to detangle than others and don’t always require the same tools. So what do you choose between a brush or a comb? We are evaluating.

Why use a brush or a comb?

For healthy skin, brushing the hair is essential.

  • brush use

The brush removes the impurities and dust that have accumulated on our hair throughout the day. This is why it is so important to comb your hair before bed, for example.

Also, the brush allows the pomade to be distributed evenly over the lengths, to hydrate them (and avoid this very greasy effect, at scalp level). It especially helps to stimulate the scalp in order to stimulate blood circulation and thus promote hair growth.

Finally, its primary use is to tame our hair and detangle our hair.

  • Use the comb

A comb is often used to detangle hair knots without damaging them.

It is also ideal for creating more elaborate hairstyles and separating strands. To make children’s braids for example, it is better to use a comb.

Brush or comb: which one to choose?

In fact, the brush can be used on most types of hair. “It is preferable to use a brush whatever the nature of the hair, because it will detangle the hair more gently and carefully,” explains Gianni Cuba, of R Factory hair salon in Paris. It is especially ideal for fine or thick hair, straight or wavy. Of course, it is important to choose the right type of brush for your hair. Those with fine hair will not use the same brush as those with thick hair.

  • Comb for curly and frizzy hair

However, if you have curly or frizzy hair, a comb is preferred. And not just any: a wide tooth combTo avoid damaging this type of hair that is already fragile.

“The comb is also ideal for curly hair when applying the treatment. When the product has finished setting, we detangle before rinsing with the comb,” the expert points out.

Brush and comb: good gestures to know

Not all brushes and combs are created equal… nor do they have the same function. Using the wrong type of brush or comb may damage the hair.

That is why it is necessary to educate yourself before purchasing a hair tool. Gianni Cuba advises him to use a Natural bristle brush (Boar bristle type), with fine rivets, “to detangle well and facilitate care absorption.”

The right thing to do? “Start from the tip towards the root to detangle and not the other way around. It is advised that this avoids knot formation and facilitates detangling.”

Regarding the combs, it is preferable to choose horn comb Or wood instead of plastic. The thinner your hair, it is recommended to use a fine tooth comb… Conversely.

If you can use the comb on wet hair at the time of treatment, this should not be done with brushing, in case the hair breakage pain. Also, be sure not to comb your hair too hard, so you don’t damage it.

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