Claremont. Anne Moranvilliers admits hearing a voice ordering her to stab her mother

Parents of Ann Moranvillers. The latter is accused of trying to kill her mother (left). -Photo: Oise Hebdo Archive.

The atmosphere was intense at the end of the afternoon of Monday, June 13, the first day of the trial of Anne Moranvillers, 27, before the Oise Assize Court. A young woman accused of violence with a weapon followed by a permanent disability for stabbing her mother, on June 2, 2019, in Clermont.

The session begins with a reminder of the facts read by President Martin Brancourt. A comprehensive summary of what happened on this spring night when the gendarmes entered a house and discovered that the victim was unconscious after being stabbed several times. Her vital condition is diagnosed and she is rushed to the hospital in Amiens (Somme).

guided by voice

Overheard by detectives, Anne Moranvillers’ father explains that he woke up after hearing his daughter’s screams for help. Noting that there was no trace of the wing storming, the soldiers were not convinced by Anne Moranvilliers’ version that the front door was open and that she saw a speeding car.

Father and daughter are placed in police custody for attempted murder: the young woman asserts, hearing that she stabbed her mother at her father’s request. A disaster for the seventy who did not stop declaring his innocence, stressing that she suffers from mental disorders. Before the coroner, Anne Moranvillers differ in her statements and raises the presence of a third party. She was charged, placed in pretrial detention and it was not until July 21, 2020, after a confrontation with her parents, that she confessed to committing the act after being guided by a voice…

“She couldn’t sleep on her own…”

After the reports of the psychiatrist and psychological experts who tended to establish that the defendant had a change in his discrimination at the time of the facts, it was the father’s turn to come and testify before the bar.

White hair, hesitating gait, he speaks in a calm voice despite apparent emotion and responds to his daughter telling him she loves him, and that he will always be there for her. : “That night, my wife slept in Ann’s room because my daughter had been with me since December 2018. She was so bad she couldn’t sleep on her own. I woke up and started hearing Anne screaming and saw her give a pressure point in an attempt to stop her mother’s bleeding. Then I went to the neighbor who is a professional firefighter and help arrived. Once I was in police custody, I realized that Ann had psychological problems. It was very strange because I did not see an intruder, it was very huge …»

The accused is ill

To the president who asks him if he thinks that his daughter who tirelessly repeats that she has been the victim of numerous rapes, Jean-Claude Moranvilliers hesitates: “Regarding the gang rape she was going to have, at first, I didn’t doubt for a moment but today, I don’t know, I can’t confirm it. His mother and I, we only want one thing, that our daughter live normally …»

Anne Moranvillers, a victim of malaise, collapses and falls hard on the ground. She was released from the dock and returned several minutes later to hear President Brancourt telling her that her father’s hearing would resume the next day, Tuesday 15 June…


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