Women beaten in restaurants reignite the debate on violence against women in China

In Tangshan, northeast China, on June 10, 2022, several women were violently attacked by men while eating in a restaurant. A shocking sequence, spread on social networks, has revived the debate about violence against women in the country.

Between violence, surrealism and amazement, The video excerpt of the famous scene has been on the Internet since the 10th of June. The CCTV camera captured the incident three days ago at 2:40 am: We noticed three women quietly eating in a restaurant in Tangshan, Hubei Province. Suddenly a man approaches the two women and starts hitting one of them’s back without her consent. Then the latter tries to push him away, but the sexual predator does not leave him and hits her hard in the face.

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The explosion of unjustified violence against women

Within seconds, the incident triggered an explosion of violence. »

These words refer to the sad note of the independent news site that talks about social trends in China, What on Weibo. In fact, the victim’s friends soon try to somehow defend him. without result. Then several men in the restaurant came to the rescue…the assailant! They all started hitting the three women. Throwing a chair, kicking, a smashed beer bottle at someone’s head … The three women are harassed for long minutes and it doesn’t stop there.

According to video excerpts carried on his Twitter account by the journalist specializing in China, Zhang Chulin, the aggression of the three women continued outside the restaurant. One of them even got molested by her boyfriendas the media notes on Weibo:

“The woman is kicked in the head, beaten and dragged repeatedly by the hair, and is attacked by at least three men. When a third woman tries to stop her, a man who appears to be her husband punches her in the head. »

9 men arrested, 2 women taken to hospital

Then the fight goes completely wrong: while one of the men present at the gathering appears to be defending the victim, this person, for no apparent reason, begins to violently beat her in a second step. What is Weibo talking about? ‘extreme confusion’ Which prevails during the accident with the mention that “The horrific level of violence in this attack sent shockwaves through social media on Friday and Saturday.”

According to an article by Global Timesdaily Chinese newspaper in English, Nine male suspects were reportedly arrested in connection with the assault. Two women were reportedly taken to hospital with their injuries. But their vital expectations will not be addressed. Two other women were slightly injured.

always according to Global TimesAnd the The reactions of netizens to this sequence of gratuitous excessive violence were abundant:

Many netizens wondered how innocent women could be attacked violently by men. And the Why Few people tried to intervene to stop these men and defend the women. »

China is an omerta country on violence against women

This video has reignited the debate about sexual harassment, gender-based violence or domestic violence against Chinese women. The people who were deliberately silenced by the communist dictatorship of Xi Jinping. for the British newspaper WatchmanIn a way, the Chinese people are trying to highlight these serious societal issues:

” [La Chine] A country where women’s rights have been increasingly discussed in recent years, despite pressure from a patriarchal society, internet censorship and incomplete legislation in this area. »

In support of his statements, the British daily newspaper quoted Xiao Meili’s case. Remember, last year this famous Chinese feminist figure a man attacked him In a restaurant. this He threw a hot liquid in his face when I asked him to stop smoking.

Remember that tooIn 2018, Chinese censorship hit again by banning all keywords related to the MeToo movement While many women have accused university professors of sexual harassment… In the Land of the Rising Sun, it seems that silence on violence against women, unfortunately, continues to shine through.

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