We finally found the hat to wear when you have a huge mane!

If there’s an accessory necessary to protect your hair in summer, it’s a cap. Very fashionable and practical to save the bad hair day, it adapts to all situations. However, when you have a huge mane, it is not easy to find happiness. So, what is a curly hair cap to wear this summer? Tangled, Capelin or Panama? No, no and no! To sublimate a wavy, curly or frizzy man, it’s best to bet on a brow that has the same advantages as a classic hood, but without the flaws.

Focus on the protective cover to enhance curly and thick hair

It is often mistakenly believed that hats are the biggest enemy of a huge man. But really, that is not the case here! This summer, it’s totally possible to have waves on top even with a headscarf. Highlight the mask! Sportswear star through the years 90sThe brow cover is back in force this season to show off your curls. Straw or cotton, monochrome or printed, simply wrap around your head, leaving the scalp exposed. Deciphering the sportswear trends that will make summer 2022 fast.

Which model of mask do you have?

What a frizz-proof cap

Plastic models have always been one of the hottest summer hair accessories. With sponge masks worn by athletes. However, this summer it’s on display in raffia and straw for a more elegant and eco-friendly version. And even if plastic is perfect for adopting a ’90s chic look, this season we’re betting on natural materials and vibrant colors. Furthermore, we avoid darker shades on the beach for the risk of heat stroke.

What hairstyle to wear with a protective cap?

How to wear a short curly afro curly hair hat

It’s great to have curly hair and to wear it naturally with pride. The only downside? You don’t know what summer hairstyle to adopt so as not to sweat from your neck during a heat wave? Like every summer, hair accessories like the silk scarf seem to adorn our heads. Last? Protective cover! A very original and practical headpiece for when you have a lot of hair to show off. How to wear it without a hat?

On loose curly hair

curly hair mask hat

In addition to protecting your eyes and forehead, a visor is also perfect for showing off your natural waves. So, be sure to skip the design part. Curl the hair with a suitable styling product and apply it to your eyebrow, trying to push it down well on your head and place it in the middle of your forehead. To add more shine to your skin, apply some serum to it.

On curly hair tied up

Afro woman curly hair hat

Like we just said, wearing a mask on curly hair isn’t an excuse to skip styling. These hats require a good hairstyle without being neglected. To wear it in style this summer, opt for a high bubble ponytail, space buns or bohemian knots.

What outfit to wear with a mask?

What curly hair hat with bangs woman summer 2022

Feminine, urban chic outfits are the perfect ally for this beanie for curly hair. Like the women’s tennisWear your summer brow with a mini skirt or a pleated skirt. This accessory also goes well with shorts and printed dresses. At the level of the feet, everything is allowed: flat sandals, heels, white sneakers, tap shoes, etc. For a walk on the sea, wear only your eyebrow with a swimsuit and a pink dress. So, the favorite supplement for tennis players is for you!

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