TikTok makeup trend for a successful ID photo every time

It’s over looking like a zombie in your ID photo, thanks to this new TikTok trend. On the social network, a young user recently caused a stir by making a perfect make-up for a passport or ID card photo. How is this make-up reproduced? Does he really respect the imposed rules? We tell you everything.

The perfect makeup for a passport photo, according to TikTok

We keep telling you, TikTok is your favorite search social network beauty tips of all kinds. Recently, a make-up video for a passport photo became a sensation on the catwalk. The makeup done by @georgia.barratt has already racked up 10 million views, and the end result with the “reveal” of the shots, is 14.5 million.

It must be said that the young woman is Samia in the photos she took for her passport. We’re far from pale skin and dark circles, which we almost all have on our IDs (let’s face it).

In her video, Georgia details the products and gestures she made to get this amazing result. We warn you right away, this is not the easiest makeup to get…

Here are the different steps:

  • Fix your eyebrows up using a clear gel
  • After completing your skincare routine, apply an illuminating foundation
  • Then move on to foundation—Georgia uses Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation, which she wipes on
  • Apply Illuminating Concealer to dark circles and eyelids
  • Use a flat brush to apply concealer under the eyebrows to give them a good symmetrical shape
  • Use a bronzer to get face sculpting : Apply the lotion with a brush, make 3 (temples, hollows of the cheeks, jaws). In her video, Georgia also reshaped her chin and the tip of her nose.
  • Apply this same bronzer to the brow bone, just below the brow
  • Finish the contour with a fairly light corrector or concealer, to apply to the inner hollow of the eyes, on the forehead (in a triangle shape), on the chin and on the temples (to extend into the hair for a fox eyes effect)
  • Gently apply cream blush to the top of the cheekbones
  • Glow your complexion with translucent powder
  • Use the bronzer over the contour of your cream
  • Apply over an ultra-thin eyeliner
  • Gently apply mascara
  • Use the lip pencil to define the lips and then the gloss to give them a plumping effect

This makeup may look intense, but the result is there. A question remains, can we do such a make-up for passport photos?

@georgia.barratt replied to @petassnym, yeah, I’ve had as I’ve had to repeat the entire route through #xyzbca #beauty #makeup? original sound – georgia barratt

Can you put make-up on a passport photo?

Contrary to what one might think, it is entirely possible Compensation for passport photos. However, the result should remain normal.

It should not distort your features at all: it should be easy to identify you. Especially since it’s rare to be so make-up when traveling…

If you want to do makeup for your next passport photo, we offer you a lighter version of the TikTok trend.

  • Use a BB cream to even out skin tone with a natural finish
  • Gently apply concealer if you feel the need
  • Apply cream blusher on the cheekbones
  • Fix your eyebrows with a clear gel
  • Apply some mascara or curl your eyelashes before the photo

If desired, finish with a small touch of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and on the tip of the nose.

As a reminder, your face and ears should be clear. On the hair side, we therefore advise you to choose a elegant cake Or for a high ponytail. Accessories are not allowed.

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