The power of adaptogenic plants on our hair

Every Monday, Série Limitée gives the floor to a well-being expert. This week, Ehsane Cassam-Chenaï, founder of Hygée, which offers a range of nutritional supplements, explains how to restore all its beauty to our hair.

Hair, like skin, is a reflection of our environment. Especially in times of stress, our hair tends to lose its density and become dull. In fact, hair loss or split ends and an imbalance of sebum are often the result of a general state of fatigue, with all that includes anxiety and imbalances.

To better respond to these issues, biosynthetic plants — metabolic regulators capable of balancing stress signals and adapting to extraordinary effort — can be very effective. Not specific, and their action is holistic, in other words, they act globally on both physiological and psychological metabolism. Unlike caffeine, which causes “up and down” effects on the body, adaptogenic herbs aim to achieve a natural balance (homeostasis) in a gradual and permanent manner. There are about a dozen references to adaptogenic plants, such as turmeric, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) or even amla.

For example, amla is a tree native to India and its name in Sanskrit means “nurse”, which reflects its many healing properties and is particularly known for restoring vitality and strength to hair. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is common to use amla fruit oil and incorporate it into shampoo or as a hair conditioner. The flesh of the fruit can be eaten fresh, powdered, or even made into nutritional supplements in the form of capsules. Combined with amino acids, such as biotin, and minerals naturally found in bamboo, amla will see its effects on hair tenfold. This synergy of active ingredients is used to strengthen, balance and improve hair structure while slowing hair loss and accelerating hair growth. Ideal for sunny days, this range of natural ingredients works during and after sun exposure by providing a constant source of hydration. Adaptogenic herbal remedies do not pose any risk of overdose or toxicity, it is possible to adapt them to each other in order to target several problems at the same time (detox, serenity, energy, etc.).

Charlotte Merlet

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