The “5 seconds” method will be MAGIC

We are always looking for the best to maintain our hair. We all dream of silky, smooth, shiny and perfectly healthy hair. However, it is not always easy to achieve this. Between frequent coloring, daily smoothing, and omitting grooming, our lengths aren’t always as pretty as we’d like. To fix the damage, we’re ready for just about anything; In particular, try all the new methods that emerge from social networks or those revealed by experts.

A few days ago, the Spanish edition of Vogue highlighted a new magical technique. And it was only the manager of Ceska’s hair salon who was kind enough to share this secret. Maria Paras explained that according to her, the most important thing to wear dream hair is Rinse. In fact, in addition to the treatment applied or the amount of product used, the method of Cleaning and rinsing It is important. And just like us, you may have already paid the price.

Rinsing hair is a step that should not be neglected

One morning, quickly, we go to the shower. We clean our hair quickly, apply the treatment, leave it on for 30 seconds and rinse (also) quickly. Once it dries, you can see if the conditioner or mask has been rinsed out well. But by then it was too late. And we already know the rest: the poetry that will emerge Greasy, gentle and without shine Since day one. To avoid this and get beautiful hair that is soft, light, shiny and silky, Maria Baras has the best solution.

So that you don’t have to go through such an experiment again, Maria Baras explains that it’s important to take the time to rinse your hair properly. There is no real rinse time to be respected since, as Vogue Spain hairstylist states, “It will depend on the mass, length and thickness of your hair.” However, there is already global rule Suitable for everyone! This is the way “5 seconds”.

The “5 seconds” method is quick and easy

But what exactly is the method “5 seconds” ? “I say always rinse your hair so you can run your hands in it easily and you don’t feel any trace of the conditioner. At this point, you can continue to rinse for another 5 seconds. rinsing It’s really going to end,” She explained. Fairly simple and fast as a tip!

Finally, Maria Barras also tapped into this interview to reveal another rinse secret to maximizing the beauty of her hair. Whenever possible, try to rinse your hair in approx cold water To close the cuticle, refresh the hair with light Scalp massage. Plus, it adds a few extra seconds of rinsing to the ritual.”expert says. Finally, according to these various tips, getting smooth and light hair is not too complicated. It is only in the small details that you should pay attention to.

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