Nesli: Convict sentenced to eighteen months in prison for domestic violence

On the evening of this Friday, June 10, a big fight broke out between a Nelsloa couple, not far from the fire station. The partner with a heavy criminal record has been charged with domestic violence cases in the past, and was sentenced on Monday to eighteen months in prison, fifteen of which have been suspended, by the Amiens Court.

At first glance, the 45-year-old appears intent on cooperating, one who quickly realizes the violence with which he is accused. On Friday evening, in Nessl, where he resides with his hive and 11-year-old daughter, a big quarrel broke out between the two. The man in the blue shirt in the dock accuses his companion of hiding something from him. He asks her about her phone, which the woman refuses. Then she seizes a tear gas canister and threatens her companion to use it if he does not calm down.

“He’s hit me before, but it’s never been like this. I’ve been hit for free‘, declares Nesloise in court. The couple comes for blows in the garden, before falling on the house’s metal curtain. The woman is open-headed, trying to turn to the firefighters, but her partner stops her, who keeps her by the hair. The whole scene of violence takes place in front of the girl who in turn Trying to alert the neighborhood:Help me, he will kill my mother.

Firefighters warned the police to get down and discover the scene. A large amount of blood was in the house, coming from the open skull of the mother of the family. Five days of temporary incapacity for work (ITT) is declared to the victim. The offender is placed in pretrial detention. This is not the first time he has faced this situation, as he has 17 convictions on his criminal record, including two convictions for domestic violence, but also was sentenced to 18 years in prison for murder, in 2001. In the face of the strong words that were spoken By the public prosecutor during his request, the accused loses his nerve and raises his voice. He criticizes the judge for taking into account his previous charges only.

For this recidivism, the man will be sentenced to eighteen months in prison, fifteen of which are suspended, and two years of probation. The defendant will spend the remaining three months in prison, will also have to pursue treatment in relation to his alcohol consumption, and be banned from contacting the victim or going to his home for three years.

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