Mubasher – Legislative: Former Minister Maracignano calls for “the dam” and the “Republican Front” against the Nubians – Liberation

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Calls to prevent unexpected rallies and electoral appeals… After the first round of legislative elections that saw the Nupes par with the presidential coalition, “Liberation” makes you live this start between two rounds.

The next day. A few hours after the first round of the legislative elections that saw the presidential party win by a narrow margin of 25.7% of the vote to 25.6% of the vote, here begins the campaign between the two rounds. What will the content be? Everything indicates that the Macaronis will continue to bomb the rebels to try to weaken the Nubians and hope for a comfortable majority in the Assembly, which is far from certain.

We’ll also have to see if “ni-ni” persists. On Sunday evening, several senior figures, including government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire, felt uneasy when she signaled a preference between the left-wing coalition and the far-right party for a second round. They will give voting instructions “case after case”. Finally, first campaign trips, notably that of Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne in Calvados, resumed on Monday.

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In the north an explosion from the left. If the Royal Navy confirms its mooring at Pas-de-Calais, the Nobis candidates have the wind in their sails in the neighboring county, as in Lille or Roubaix. Darmanin, Russell, Le Pen, Kwatenins… the most famous characters go well for re-election. our analysis.


‘Barrage from the far left’. Preceding her in the 7th arrondissement of Val-de-Marne, rebellious ex-maid Rachel Kecky (Nobbes) is not outgunned by Roxana Marcinio to rally both right-wing and far-right voters for her. Quietly in the world, calls the former Minister of Sports in Macron’s government Twitter to me “block against far left”. On the France info website on Monday morning, the former swimming champion also called “Everyone Who Didn’t Vote for Rachel Keke” to merge him The Republican Front against the Radical Left. The resumption of the slogans against the extreme right and the refusal to give patriotic instructions between the left and the National Front, a wonderful performance of Makroni …


In the south, left and far right take the pedestrian in a pincer motion. In Herault, Gard, Pyrenees Orientales, several presidential majority candidates were eliminated in the first round while members of the New Popular, Environmental and Social Union (Nupes) will face the National Rally (RN) in the second round. duels. The Left Alliance regains a foothold where the socialists once built their strongholds. The far right can dream of new MPs around towns being won over to its cause. our analysis.

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The left wants to nationalize the elections. “The second round of elections in many districts is a referendum for or against Emmanuel Macron,” This Monday morning confirms Jerome Kogg, candidate for Nupes for the lead in Essonne’s 6th arrondissement in front of Minister Amelie de Montchalin.. Without forgetting to recall the strength of the Left Union: “It is at the same time the possibility of a program that has revived hope for the left. We have seen it in the dynamics of Nupes everywhere in France”as he says France news.


These first round qualifiers make us happy. Jean-Michel Blanquer, Eric Zymore, Martin Wonner… There are eliminations in the first round of legislative elections that lead to a world of good. Last week, Manuel Valls left the ballot paper for French people living abroad. He was joined on Sunday evening by other candidates who were also accused of electoral slaps. And he, we will not lie to each other, he will not bother us. Selections to read here.


21,000 votes from 23 million voters. With a hair wide, the presidential majority crosses the finish line in the lead on Sunday, according to the final results of the first round of legislative elections that fell overnight. Exactly, macaroni and their themed allies banded together! He received 25.75% of the vote against 25.66% for Nupes (LFI, PCF, PS and EE-LV) behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Note that there will be eight triangles in the second round, versus just one in 2017.

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