Male pattern baldness: Five solutions against hair loss that are not missing from the foundation

It’s a nightmare many men fear, and it’s also unfortunately a fact to be resolved: With age, it is common for these gentlemen to lose their hair. Basically aesthetic “drama” that can happen sooner or later, depending on the genes, since in 90% of cases this problem is caused by the so-called genetic baldnessor male pattern baldness. Gradually, we begin to lose hair density, while the top of the skull begins to thin, until you have no other choice but to mourn your hair, or opt for alternative solutions to avoid the Z-ball.

Ways to combat baldness, there are several ways. If none of them miraculously prevent hair loss, they can nevertheless anticipate, delay or slow down the process, or when it is already too late to cheat the appearance by giving the impression that your head is well-groomed.

Grandma’s treatments

Against baldness, some choose to resort to natural preventive treatments. If these can work in certain situations, it remains relatively random because although some ingredients are well recognized for their good virtues on hair, there is no scientific evidence that really attests to the efficacy of these granny larvae. Coconut milk, brewer’s yeast, nettle root, fenugreek, essential oil of atlas cedar or eucalyptus They are all things to try to reduce hair fall. A good quality diet rich in copper, zinc, silicon, vitamin B and essential fatty acids as well as an almost irreplaceable lifestyle are also essential to strengthening the scalp. Of course, it is also advisable to avoid attacking your hair as much as possible with very chemical products, or even with frequent exposure to the sun.

Anti-hair loss treatments and nutritional supplements

There are also many products on the market that are supposed to prevent or even reverse hair loss. Either it’s about Anti-hair loss lotions, fortifying serums, nutritional supplements or hair enhancers To incorporate into your shampoo routine. Again, do not expect miracles. These products can be interesting in order to delay maturation and in the best case to slow shedding and regrowth, only if baldness is not very advanced. However, it is difficult to expect that they will act according to genetics and completely stop hair loss.

pharmacological treatments

You may have already heard of minoxidil, an over-the-counter drug treatment that works on the causes of disease and the results of which are intended to be somewhat encouraging. According to research, it will be effective on average in 60% of cases. This drug, which should not be taken without medical advice, improves the microcirculation of the bulbar papilla, by increasing the density of microvessels. This will allow the follicle to be better irrigated and thus better nourished, thus reducing the possibility of hair loss. The only problem, not least, is the particularly harmful side effects of this drug, which can lead to a loss of libido or even lead to anxiety disorders and depression.

Hair Transplant

In an advanced stage of baldness or before their hair is lost, more and more men are choosing to choose Hair Transplant. A non-surgical but no less complex and delicate surgical procedure, which has become more and more popular over time, consists in taking the hair from the back crown, where it has not fallen out, in order to transfer it to the balding areas. After the intervention under local anesthesia, which can last between 3 and 9 hours and a growth period (an average of 8 months before the final result is noticed), we then find normal and thick hair. However, it is a process that has its limitations and should be performed by qualified professionals if you do not want to suffer irreparable damage. Count between 2,500 and 10,000 euros depending on the number of micrografts to be made and the prices charged by the surgeon. budget hell

Wigs and hair accessories for men

Long pariah and even ridiculed, wigs, hair compasses and other wigs are slowly regaining the grace of these increasingly numbered and caring gentlemen. Just watch the sometimes amazing before and after on social networks that show how, with the help of hair extensions, a little glue, good scissors and a little styling, you can fool everyone and give the impression that you have more than one hair on the rock. Even hair salons specialize in the art of wigs, so that men no longer have to blush if they choose to wear one. After all, it is rumored that our dear boss Emmanuel Macron He himself to take the leap of the cheek! If this still needs to be verified, however, note that this is clearly a temporary solution, which can eventually help you regain confidence and get over your annoyance.

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