Investigating the phenomenon that worried police and caregivers before the summer

6:00 PM, June 13, 2022

rapid samples of urine and blood for toxicological, biochemical and serological analyzes; Watch for any traces of bites. Taking vital signs infectious care provided on a case-by-case basis…“While several thousand people were expected to attend this weekend in Dijon (Cote d’Or) the Vyv Festival, the city hospital took the lead by creating” specific bite protocol“.

The alarming streak of wild bites, the impact of which is amplified by social networks, continues on the eve of summer. As of June 9, 461 victims have been officially registered by the police and gendarmerie, who have registered 381 complaints. The phenomenon was seen in early spring at nightclubs and student parties, and now extends to festivals, concerts, victories and even country balls. It mainly affects the female audience, but the men have also been bitten. Arms, legs, legs… No preferential injection site was observed. And the absence of facts about these bites – thefts, sexual assaults… – challenges judges, investigators, and health workers in this unsanitary way that aims to harm, sow panic, and even inoculate a harmful product.

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This last hypothesis has not yet been elucidated. “ To date, despite the medical, forensic, toxicological and pharmacological investigations conducted, no psychoactive substance, medical or otherwise, has been found.”, insists Joel Micallef, president of the French Network for Vigilance from Addiction. The French situation is similar in all respects to what happened in other European countries, in particular in the United Kingdom in the last quarter of 2021: despite extensive investigations, no psychoactive substance has been found.

The main risk is the risk of injury

A disputed case has been reported in Rouen (Loire). A 19-year-old girl tested positive for GHB (the anesthetic molecule nicknamed “rape drug”) after a bullet wound to the nightclub, but she filed a complaint on May 6 only to get facts back to April 3. The Public Prosecutor, Abdelkarim Ghareni, cautiously requested additional analyzes of the complainant’s hair to ensure that he could attribute the detection of GHB, which is naturally present in micromolar amounts in the blood, to this bite.”Medically confirmed“, the judge.

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GHB is not the only substance you are looking for. The spectrum is much wider. The French Society of Analytical Toxicology states that the molecules most commonly used in confirmed cases of succumbing to chemicals are sedative antihistamines (Donormil, Atarax, etc.), benzodiazepines and related drugs (Xanax), Lixomil, Stilnox, Imovan. It also recommends that a blood sample be taken, ideally within one hour of the accident, for further biochemical testing such as blood sugar, insulin, and C-peptide measurements and assays.But for the time beingJoel Micallef insists,The main danger is the risk of infection if there is a deep perforation, that is, a break in the skin. Hence the importance of quickly consulting your doctor, obtaining free information, a center for examination and diagnosis, or the emergency room …Fear of contamination with HIV or the viruses responsible for hepatitis B and C is an additional stress factor for victims.

suspect in custody

Twenty-three people filed a complaint after recording the TF1 program last Friday on a beach in Toulon (Var) which gathered between 15,000 and 20,000 people. Three of them – a security guard, a schoolgirl and a young woman – have formally admitted the allegations.”Serial biter– A 20-year-old Tunisian is questioning the facts – as the one who assaulted them or tried to do so with a syringe that was not found. accused of committingaggravated violence– Because of the use of a weapon (the syringe) and because of premeditation – he is the first suspect to be remanded in custody since this mysterious series of…wild bites“.”Snapping someone is not a petty behaviorconfirms Samuel Fenells, the attorney general in Toulon.I can tell you that we will be very firm!»

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