How to choose the trendy blond balayage 2022 according to the color of your skin and eyes?

Are you ready for a vacation by the sea? Summer is here, along with all the big trends in fashion, makeup, and hair. So if you haven’t decided on your new style yet, you need to check out this list of ideas for trendy blonde balayage 2022. You may be surprised to see it, but there is more than one different way to do it. Which one is yours, find out in the paragraphs below.

Which trendy blonde sweep 2022 suits you?

In order to choose the right hair tone, you should first consider your skin and eye color. No matter which photo you choose on Pinterest or Instagram, there are some colors that suit you more than others. To help you, we give you a brief guide:

Colored hair with a hint of pink ash

Which sweep of blond to choose by eye color?

The right hair color that complements your eye shadow can make your look shine. So don’t underestimate this combination.

  • green eyes In this case, opt for rich golden blondes which is one of the biggest hair trends of the year. Copper hair dyes are another great option that goes great with your summer outfits and tanned skin.
  • Blue eyes Hair coloring in shades of orange and red is ideal for ruby ​​eyes. In other words, strawberry blonde is a great choice. For a cooler look, opt for blonde polar balayage.
  • Brown eyes : If you have light brown eyes, the Honey Blonde Balayage is for you. You can try ashy blonde if you have a dark brown iris. It will complement it perfectly.
  • honey eyes : This is a rare and wonderful color that you can highlight with a cream blond color.
  • Black eyes : Ash blonde Balayage is perfect for you, especially if you have dark skin.

What hairstyle for brown hair with blonde balayage

What are the trendy blonde sweep 2022 for any complexion?

  • clear skin : Icy blonde is perfect for very pale women, but you can also try strawberry blonde which will add warmth to your look.
  • Medium skin tone : Strawberry Blonde or Dark Blonde – whichever you choose, you will look like a real diva.
  • dark skin : Consider turning your hair into a dark blonde, beige blonde, or golden blonde.

There are colors that go well to allNamely: honey blond, gray blond, silver blond, lavender blond. Extremely trendy, and even whimsical, it will help you craft the perfect summer look.

Combine sweeping with a modern haircut

Trendy Blonde Balayage 2022

We’ve already proven to you that puddle blonde is always on the cutting edge of beauty. But which haircut is the best option for summer 2022? So this depends on your lifestyle. But in general, to sublimate the side coloring, you need a more or less long mane. Moreover, the waves will allow you to get a very natural result with perfectly blended reflections. Just do not forget to fix the curls under the veil of hairspray.

Blonde Balayage Bob

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer coloring just because your hair is shorter. The blonde Balayage bob is also stylish and trendy as it is one of the most sought after haircuts of 2022. Thus, you will structure and give volume to your complexion.

Tip: Consider using ‘Babylights’ balayage which gives your hair the illusion of ‘after-sun’.

Trendy blonde sweep 2022: Inspiration in pictures

Ash blonde balayage

2022 Blonde Balayage with Face-Framing Highlights

Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde hair color on dark brown hair

Blond wool balayage on brown hair

Blonde Balayage on Short Hair Pixie Style

Blonde Balayage on short hair

Mix several shades of blonde to create a beachy mermaid look

Arctic Blonde Balayage

Yes, it is possible to have blonde hair, even if you have dark skin

trendy dark pink wick

Bring beautiful shine to your lengths

Blonde balayage on brunette

Blond wool balayage on chestnut hair

Blond wool balayage on brown hair

If you have freckles, choose a strawberry blonde color

Strawberry blond summer coloring for skin with freckles

Lavender wipe – the most stylish color this summer 2022

The blonde and purple hair trend 2022

Blond Honey Balayage brings smoothness and radiance to your look

Trend Hazel Blonde Hair Color 2022

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