Her toxic lover? express itself

There is little, Milla Jasmine just posted a message that puts the chip in the ear of netizens. Is the young woman in a relationship with a violent man? This is a rumor that has been circulating recently on the web. We tell you everything!

Milla Jasmine, and Melanie criticized her

Melania criticized her through a Tik Tok video, Milla Jasmine wanted to clear things up with her competitor. As a reminder, the two young women have been at war since they starred in reality TV shows.

Melanight is engaged to Milla Jasmine in her latest Tik Tok video. Mélalight took over TikTok as we hear Milla’s voice. Melanie has filmed herself mimicking him and says Mila’s comments are shameful. Plus, a little bit of info from me Mélanight and Milla no longer meet each other because Milla told Mélanight “I can’t hang out with you anymore because you don’t have enough followers.” I’m just telling you the words so that you are aware of their difference. » blogger shayaratv explains.

Very quickly, it was Mila who wanted to respond to her opponent’s interference: “ It’s sad to believe that because we don’t respond, we can go on and on and gain more and more confidence. Mélalight It has been 5 times that you quote my name in your old mouth. I fought you in 2017 Do you think I still have your time? Separate me a jealous old woman. You are gentle and sour like the color of your hair. »

Milla Jasmine as a couple: her toxic lover? express itself

But without relying on Melanite who wanted to clear things up: ” stops. Am I or someone, a mythical – hypocritical – crazy – manipulative – husband – thief trying to make me complicated? At the age of thirty-five, your only attacker is the physical attacker! Are you really old enough for that? But I don’t blame you, you just have your looks to make up for your charming attitude. How can you blame someone whose only tool of labor since birth has been her body. I’m Melanite, I’m not a vet, and I don’t treat animals. »

Mila Jasmine sends a message to toxic men

But recently, there is another case that is shaking up the world of social networking. In fact, Milla Jasmine (who is no longer filming RDM) wanted to send a message that would put the chip in the ears of netizens. According to some, the young woman will be in a relationship with a violent and manipulative lover. Or anyway, that’s what some have been saying on the web since the message sent by the candidate. In the latter, the person who has dealt with Mishtunor’s men warns young women about toxic relationships. In particular, the behavior of some men: Hello my team! A little tip of the day so don’t be fooled! Rule #1 When you meet a guy for the first time and he tells you that all of his pasts are crazy. He’s crazy. Run away! Few men will admit their mistakes especially on a first date But the guy who puts all the blame on his ex-girlfriend is already showing the sign of narcissism. »

And soon rumors spread about this speech, and the young woman had to assure that she was not talking about her lover. However, for some Internet users, doubts remain …

Milla Jasmine as a couple: her toxic lover?  express itself

Mila Yasmine

Mila Jasmine is often a victim of rumors, each rumor crazier than the next. Last? Her new companion will be in a relationship with her only for her money and her reputation. She answers.

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