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How to go from a small hit to the master of Russia? Putin, the rise of a dictatorDrawn and written before the invasion of Ukraine. But all the elements are already there. In this fascinating biography of a Kremlin master, we rediscover his evolution toward power, but also the violent way he silenced every dissent, thanks to a worthy organization of drug dealers.

Journalist and writer Daryl CunninghamA New York Times bestseller, it is an investigation into the history of Putin’s criminal cartel and its pernicious impact on our world. He analyzes the wars in Syria, Georgia and Ukraine, the poisonings in Salisbury, the violent murder of politician Boris Nemtsov and journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London. It also takes a look at how the Russian government interfered in the 2016 US election to help Donald Trump get elected. Cunningham exposes the largest espionage scandal in history, consisting of wars, assassinations, terrorism, cyber attacks, corruption and mass theft.

Monte Cristo 2000

How did Dumas imagine his Monte Cristo car in the twentieth century? Found Michner. He places the suit in the United States, and cites national security laws. What could be simpler than an unjust law to convict the innocent?

So heading to New York in 2005. This young American is accused of terrorism as part of a national security investigation. Here he is sent to rot in a prison without a legal presence. but whatever ? Sam himself is no longer around for anyone. We have strange encounters where no one is there anymore. Such an old man digging an underground passage to escape … a cultured prisoner gives him hope, and so much more. Tunneling for years, Sam uncovers a path in the rock and track to make him, once outside, a rich man. It’s 2020. What could be simpler than a good memory to open a treasure chest: the account number, and fortune finally smiling to Sam. It’s time for revenge.

With this trilogy based on Douma’s works, masher Following in the footsteps of a man crushed by the regime in America after 9/11, in this Monte Cristo T1 Prisoner. drawingsAlberti She is a feast for the eye, always subtle and meticulous. Good way to revisit your classics!

ran away from herself

serial They I was surprised by her creativity as much as the novelty and effectiveness of her drawings. The article turns into this t2 – universal(s).

She is a problem student in high school. Many personalities coexist in it without even suspecting those close to it. For the reader, it’s even more obvious: his hair changes color to reflect the dominant character. Among the different Elle, there is Blue. The worst ever. And Ellie’s recent traumas have allowed Bleue, her character’s deepest character, to gain complete control, leaving Ellie in a bind of her subconscious. Bleue is sociable, playful, efficient, artistically talented… In fact, Bleue is an amalgamation of all Elle characters. But it’s not just that. And she manages to eliminate the real Elle as much as possible. The little girl will have to cross all her other characters to find herself.

A very good dive into the tormented psyche of adolescence. Kid Toussaint He masterfully exploits the wellspring of these multiple characters without falling into the easy path. The design, clean and modern, will appeal to all readers. What is the date of t3?

The Vikings end up with Macbeth in cold rage

cold anger Triple end signs JyllandAnd the hero of sixty, if we dare speak. This Vikings saga, if overflowing with massacres and bloody conflicts, is far from being one of those retold stories about the monsters of the North. in the text, to rover Gives center stage to reflection. If her characters give her a sword, that’s another problem with the age, more than necessity! The period is very well written by the wonderful graphic of clocin.

complex characters

Traitorous brother, traitorous son, false prince, violent lover, Steen has everything from human rot. But he wants strength, a desire that gnaws in his heart like embers gnawing tree trunks.

“I am so drowned in blood that if I stop moving forward, going back will be as hard as continuing.” Like Macbeth, Steen is doomed to conquest and judgment or death. But he is not the only one in this case. Most of the characters involved in these three well-made albums work on changing impulses, forced to adapt. One for Christian worship, the other for exile or an unexpected disaster, an unwanted pregnancy. The reversals of situations, the many, will not be useless or facilitate the scenario.

In this t3, Sten reigns over Jylland with an iron fist. With his powerful army, he conquers larger and larger territories, seizes wealth. His wife, Earl, is about to give him an heir. So the future of the throne is assured. However, anxiety lurks. Sten feels that a rebellion against his power is imminent. But where does the danger really come from? Who is Javnar, the former right-hand man who betrayed him, or one of his relatives? Will the era of Steen end? Again, like Macbeth, he seems to be thinking, “Where is the night?” But the terror that hides behind its violence will find its answers.

This trilogy, little known in France, deserves a careful reading, for the quality of its graphics, its truly atypical tone, and its good rhythm.

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