First complaint of a bite in a box: Nightworld ‘afraid of psychosis’

psychosis. That’s what the directors of Le Puy night establishments fear after a young woman stings her arm on Saturday night at a night establishment in downtown Le Puy.

Injection suspicion at a night facility in downtown Puy-en-Ville

“We are in a very complicated situation, which deals a blow to the director of the organization affected by this issue. It is really difficult for us. We are especially afraid of psychosis.”

And for good reason, this issue of nightclub bites is growing a little more every weekend on a national scale and that’s more since the festivals are back. “GHB (also called rape drug) has become very expensive. So some people have started injecting young women with sedatives with the aim of abusing them. From there, challenges have been launched on social networks, to who gets bitten most people, even if that means using empty syringes or paper clips. !” explains Léandre Faure, Métro Club Director, in Espali.

In total, there are several dozen investigations currently open on the national territory, to find out the facts of the injection, without necessarily that the blood analyzes do not reveal anything.

excavations reinforced

Therefore, the directors of the disco strengthened their searches at the entrance, going so far as to check inside the bags, without convincing them that this was enough. “We are afraid of fools who might take a sewing needle, hair clip, or paper clip to create an atmosphere of fear,” they worry. And go find a needle… “They can even hide them in their hair!” »

At the same time, since no single issue should overshadow the previous one, Léandre Faure also ordered a “glass lid” to combat the affliction of GHB in drinks. And to add: “In small clubs like home, you can get noticed so quickly that the stakes are high,” he says. Managers hope, however, that this climate of fear will not intimidate their customers. “We’ve already suffered enough for two years with Covid. It’s not a game,” they beg. It must stop.”

Jane Leborgne


A young woman filed a complaint this week after she was bitten last Saturday at a night establishment in downtown Le Puy. The police’s exploitation of the evening’s videos yielded nothing. The analyzes did not reveal the presence of narcotic substances in the complainant’s body. The investigation is ongoing.

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