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Klineva, Asmed, Elithair, Bella Hair … Find out the list of the best clinics for hair transplantation in Turkey.

A guide to the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

Turkey is among the world leaders in the medical tourism sector, especially in the field of hair transplantation. This excellent reputation, the country owes in particular to the expertise of its surgeons and the advanced technologies available to it. Would you like to have a hair transplant in Turkey in order to benefit from the best care at a lower cost? Check out our guide to the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

1- Cleniva

Combining high French standards and outstanding support, Cleaniva is without a doubt the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. In the heart of Istanbul, this clinic specializes in hair transplantation, allowing it to emerge as an expert in this field.

Klineva is a cosmetic clinic created by two French people. As such, it provides a very high quality of care as well as tailored support to ensure an outcome that meets patients’ expectations. Klineva is characterized by French touch and its medical team consisting of the best practitioners in Istanbul. By providing patients with a French-speaking translator at all stages of hair transplantation, Klineva especially attracts a large number of French for whom the language barrier can be an obstacle to intervention. This hair transplant clinic is also ideal if you are looking for service and hygiene procedures as in France. The equipment is of high quality and pre- and post-operative examinations (blood test, blood pressure check, blood sugar check, heart rate, etc.) are a priority.

To ensure the best result, Klineva offers two methods of hair transplantation: the FUE-Sapphire method and the DHI method. These two techniques make it possible to obtain natural results in accordance with the wishes of the patients. To perfect the results, post-operative PRP treatment, which is very important after transplantation, is included at no additional cost.

If you are afraid to have a hair transplant in Turkey due to the lack of effective follow-up after transplantation, you will be assured of the support provided by Klineva. In fact, Klineva provides postoperative follow-up throughout the regrowth phase. Get personalized advice to make sure the end result is flawless.

With Klineva, there are no unpleasant surprises. Once you get there, you are provided with a backpack with everything you need (shampoo, lotion, neck pillow, headband, medicine, full documentation and all in French). Big Plus: You can come with a person at no extra cost!

Finally, for those who do not know where to start planning their trip, Klineva offers the organization of customized accommodation: transfer with a private driver, hotel, guides, interpreter, intervention, etc. All you have to do is book your plane tickets.

2- ASMED hair transplant clinic

Just like Klineva, the ASMED Hair Transplant Clinic specializes in hair transplantation. Thanks to an experienced team and high-quality equipment, the hair transplant clinic offers the most satisfactory care.

The hair transplantation process in ASMED clinic takes place in several stages. From the first day, the patient is received by a consultant. Then consultations, tests and analyzes are organized to ensure that the intervention is carried out completely safely. On the day of the operation, the patient is welcomed into the clinic and comfortably installed in the operating room. Once the intervention is completed, post-operative instructions are given to ensure the success of the hair transplant process.

Surgeon Koray Erdogan is world-renowned. However, for hair transplantation, the applicable prices will be the same as in France, or even higher.

3- Dr. Serkan Egin Clinic

Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic is located in the beautiful city of Istanbul just like Kliniva and ASMED Clinic. Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic has a good reputation, providing treatments according to international quality standards. Dr. Serkan Aygın and his medical team perform hair transplantation, as well as eyebrow and beard transplantation, on many patients from Europe and Arab countries.

4- Dr. Amra Genic Clinic

Dr. Şenk Hair Transplant Clinic was established in early 2019. However, the surgeon has 5 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation that is performed in other Turkish clinics. Like Clinaiva, Dr. Senek Hair Clinic uses modern hair transplant techniques such as the DHI method and the FUE method.

5- Elite hair transplant

With more than 50,000 hair transplants performed, Elitehair Clinic is among the largest clinics in Istanbul. Not a fan of wide open spaces? Take your turn. Elether Clinic was opened in 2022, it covers an area of ​​18,000 square meters and 13 floors. However, if you want treatment in French, as is the case with Klineva, this clinic also offers the services of an interpreter.

6- Estcapelli

Estecapelli has a good reputation, and also welcomes patients from all over the world. Hair transplantation, beard transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, dental treatments, eye surgery or plastic surgery, the interventions offered by Estecapelli are numerous.

7- EsteGrande

EsteGrande Clinic was established 9 years ago by a Turkish businesswoman. Providing high quality service and satisfactory care, this hair transplant clinic in Turkey has earned a place among the most reputable institutions in the country. In addition to hair transplantation, EsteGrande offers plastic surgery and dental services.

Teeth veneers or teeth whitening

8- Estepera

Estepera is a medical center specializing in hair transplantation working remotely with Mybodymoon, an intermediary agency based in Germany. Offering effective and safe hair restoration procedures and treatments, Estepera is a serious hair transplant clinic in Turkey, offering satisfactory results.

9- Bella Hair

For nearly 10 years, the teams at Bella Hair Clinic have been working on different hair operations. After making the diagnosis for each individual case, Bella Hair organizes the different stages of the medical journey (the flight, the preparation of the private driver at the airport, hotel, etc.).

10- Clinic expert

Based in Istanbul, Clinic Expert specializes in plastic surgery, eye treatments, cosmetic dentistry, obesity care and hair transplantation. This clinic provides high quality service, serious care and follow-up treatment to achieve good results.

Be careful, in Istanbul, not all clinics offer their services in French. This can be a barrier to good understanding and ensuring optimal care and follow-up. To choose the clinic where you will perform your hair transplant, we advise you to go to a clinic where the French language is practiced, such as Klineva.

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