Best products and tips for hair growth

Want an XXL mane but your hair just isn’t growing fast enough for you? Our tips, tricks and products that really work to boost your hair growth.

Rapunzel hair, we all dream about it! But real life is harsher: hair grows about 0.3 mm per day, or barely a centimeter per month. Slow (and sometimes desperate) growth which – good news – is not inevitable. By changing some of your habits and investing in the right beauty products, you can boost your hair growth while reducing hair loss and breakage. Attention, only one condition to see real results: diligence. Thus, if you choose treatments such as vegetable oil baths to stimulate regrowth, do the procedure two to three times a month, for at least three months. The same is true for hair supplements that should be taken daily for three to six months.

The best vegetable oils for hair growth

It is arguably one of the most popular natural ingredients when it comes to hair growth. Organic castor oil, also known as castor oil, is the miracle product that promotes hair growth. He is right ? Rich in fatty acids, it acts directly on the microcirculation of the scalp. Thus, the hair follicles accelerate their growth and development. Castor oil also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. When used regularly, it cleanses the scalp and thus prevents hair loss. It is also a recommended oil for the care of eyelashes, eyebrows and nails.
The best way to enjoy its benefits? Massage castor oil (organic if possible) directly onto the scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes before shampooing.

Known for its intoxicating scent and skin-moisturizing power, this vegetable oil is also particularly effective in making hair grow faster and reducing hair loss. Highly nourishing, it acts as a repair mask and penetrates deeply into the hair fibre. Healthier, then hair accelerates its growth. Organic coconut oil is also known for its protective properties: its film-forming effect acts as a protective covering on the surface of the hair. Better protection, hair is encapsulated, strengthened and can grow faster.
How do you apply it? Choose a nourishing oil bath. To do this, simply apply the product directly to dry hair, massaging from roots to ends. Leave the treatment overnight and rinse the next day with a mild organic shampoo.

Like castor oil, mustard oil has an effect on blood circulation. It is said to be a natural tonic for the veins, that is, it strengthens the walls of the veins. Hair follicles become stronger and healthier and thus hair growth is promoted. Mustard oil is also highly valued for its erucic acid content. This unsaturated fatty acid has a real enveloping and softening effect but is also a repairer by filling in the gaps in the hair.
Apply it like a hair mask, all over the hair and leave it for 15 minutes under a hot towel. You can use the oil with organic coconut oil or castor oil for more effective care.

Extracted from black cumin seeds, this oil, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, penetrates deeply into the hair and scalp fibers and acts as a true scalp tonic. On the lengths, the hair will shine, making it stronger and shinier. Used regularly on the roots, it slows down hair loss and promotes its growth.
Apply black seed oil (preferably organic) from roots to ends, insisting on the scalp, especially if it is irritated. This oil is already known to soothe sensitive skin.

The right gestures and tips to speed up hair growth

  • scalp massage

This is one of the main gestures to stimulate hair re-growth. A gentle scalp massage relaxes the roots and reactivates micro-circulation. And the better oxygen, the faster and stronger the hair grows. It also allows the hair care to penetrate better.
If today’s massage brushes with silicone pins can help you, then the finger core remains the best tool. How to do a massage? While showering, and after shampooing, make circular motions to gently loosen the scalp. One to two minutes is enough. Do not hesitate to perform this massage during your oil baths, it will multiply the effect of the latter.

  • Scalp scrub

In addition to the body and face, you should now consider exfoliating your head if you want to increase your hair growth. To get rid of dead skin, dandruff and impurities, the scalp is better oxygenated. It will then be more convenient to receive the hair care that will follow (especially the vegetable oils mentioned above) and hair growth will be stimulated. Many brands offer ready-to-use exfoliating beauty products (Christophe Robin, Sephora, Yves Rocher) but it is also possible to do an exfoliating treatment at home. All you have to do is mix coarse salt with one or two tablespoons of olive oil, and apply it to a damp scalp before shampooing.

  • Rinse with cold water

Not really fun, this quick little gesture is very useful. In addition to closing scales and making hair shinier, a final rinse with cold water activates the micro-circulation of the scalp, which stimulates hair growth and limits hair loss. Bonus point: It avoids frizz and enhances frizz.

Food supplement for faster hair growth

Sometimes this is our first instinct when we’re faced with seasonal hair loss or a failed haircut. But are hair supplements really effective? In addition to making your hair more beautiful and shiny, these products based on vitamins, zinc, iron and trace elements can be a real boost to regrowth. These components, which are naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and meats, can sometimes be poorly absorbed by the body. Then, nutritional supplements for hair intervene to compensate for these deficiencies.
Brewer’s yeast, spirulina, royal jelly … These treatments provide hair with all the nutrients it needs to be beautiful and strong. But in order to have a real effect on hair growth and loss, make sure you take them seriously, and for at least 3 months.

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