Beauty: What if you stopped oily hair?

Sun and heat are not friends with your hair.. Even if it tends to dry out at first, the backlash will likely hurt: Your hair will be even greasy. In addition, you may have Bad habits to give up For healthier hair. Come on, we help you!

Natural ingredients for hair that regrows less quickly:

  • Lemon juice and egg yolk: No doubt a cooking recipe, but rather an aesthetic recipe against oily hair! Mix the egg yolk with a little lemon to make a kind of cream that you spread on your hair and leave it for a few minutes.
  • the same principle with green clay powder (Purchased from pharmacies) Mix with a few tablespoons of water to get a thick paste. This completely natural mask will Absorbs excess fat. This can be done twice a week.
  • Do you know : baking soda It is an excellent hair conditioner. Depending on your heights, a few tablespoons of water will be added and applied.

Habits to break if you no longer want your greasy hair

  • Don’t constantly move your hands through your hair.Even from coquetry: your hands are full of bacteria, plus, they’ll paint your hair.
  • Washing your hair every day is not a solution. It’s better to limit yourself to twice, by extension Suitable shampoo, conditioner and natural mask As mentioned above. If you have oily hair in between, invest in it dry shampoo Which will stick to your heights
  • A conscientious brush every day, for Ventilate your scalp, without attacking it: you can barely feel the brush on your skull. On the other hand, the day before you shampoo, with clean hands, massage your head To stimulate blood circulation
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