5 unconventional ways to use it for the face, body and hair

This blue metallic jar from Nivea Cream is like under the drawer we all have vaseline. By now, you may have used it to nourish extremely dry areas of the body, such as your elbows, feet, or lips. But did you know that Vaseline was a true miracle of beauty and that it allowed many other uses? Today, we’re sharing 5 unusual (and unexpected) new ways to use this “Vaseline” with multiple benefits.

This is one of our favorite tricks. Use Vaseline Make your perfume last longer and amplify its aroma. Did you know that fragrance lasts less on dry or dehydrated skin? To smell good all day, remember to moisturize your body well beforehand with a lotion or cream. And for your neck, the area where the perfume is usually applied, you can use a small amount of Vaseline.

Vaseline, this product that promotes hair growth

It was an American Tiktokeuse who exposed this hoax in a video clip. The young woman chose to replace her mascara with Vaseline for one year already…and we understand why! She applies a small amount of Vaseline to her eyelashes, then curls them with an eyelash curler. The result is incredible and similar to the result obtained afterwards eyelash curling conducted in an institute. Canonical and natural!

Vaseline has the ability to promote hair growth. So we can use it in place of our mascara for a doe look but also on our eyebrows for a fuller line. A good idea is to use this remedy every morning. We put a small amount of Vaseline on our eyebrows and then brush it with a brush. In addition to stimulating growth, this will fix the hair upwards throughout the day. Eyebrow lift.

These tips with Vaseline that will change your life

If you are subject to dry crustYou know how hard it is to get rid of him. Have you tried dozens of ways and nothing worked? Try this technique. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your scalp as a mask before shampooing. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then make your usual shampoo and wash it off!

This is the scam we heard about a few weeks ago that is causing quite a stir on TikTok. It’s called slugging and it’s a miracle for restoring beautiful skin in just one night. What are the steps to follow? Perform your regular skincare routine in the evening, and finish by applying a layer of Vaseline. This will create a barrier on the face to retain moisture within the skin. Easy, simple and fast trick that saves a file Perfect and plump skin As soon as you wake up.

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