What are your favorite summer hairstyle ideas for 2022? 10 Styles Perfect for Sunny Days!

Do you want to change your look a little to welcome the good days as they should? At the same time cutting your hair is not an option for you? So, maybe you need a great idea of ​​summer hairstyle 2022 which will refresh and rejuvenate your look. Whether you have a mermaid mane, shoulder length locks, or wear an ultra-modern bob, you will undoubtedly find a good shape for you in the collection below.

Asymmetry as best summer hairstyle idea for 2022 for short hair

Shortening your hair doesn’t mean you can’t change your look from time to time. For example, you can embrace waves if you wear them straight. Even better, one of the best summer hairstyles for 2022 is to make up the parting hard and wear it on one side or the other. In fact, the side parting is a trend that is suitable for any hair length.

The short hair bun is absolutely gorgeous

Summer hairstyle idea 2022 for medium length and low coil hair

Girls with amazing highlights can enjoy an absolutely gorgeous short hair bun which is all the rage on TikTok in 2022. Messy, braided, banana or otherwise, it’s up to you to choose her exact look. But you will surely be happy with that. Discover that you can look stylish and fashionable and at the same time not sweat from your neck when the weather is hot.

2022 Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Low Twisted Medium Length Hair

To make such a wonderful fashionable bun, you first need to re-comb your hair a little to make it look more voluminous. Then comb it back and tie it into a low ponytail, that is, just above your neck. Finally, divide the tail into two parts and twist each part on itself before securing it with hair clips. Finish with a bit of hairspray to set it in.

Waves look great on medium length hair

Summer 2022 hairstyle idea for short hair Long and medium mermaid waves

In the event that for some reason you do not want to tie your hair up even on a hot summer day, do yourself some gentle waves with the effect of “straight out of the sea”. This summer hairstyle idea for 2022 works perfectly on medium to long hair, especially when the locks are already decorated with a nice blonde undertone or a modern hair contour color.

High locks indicative of the summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair

Braids that end in a half bun high on the head are another must-have idea for this summer 2022 hairstyle. All three, blondes, redheads, and brunettes can benefit from them in the same way for added freshness during the following holidays. Many lengths of hair can successfully adopt the half-braided updo, but it looks best on shoulder-length hair.

High locks indicative of the summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair

Girls whose hair reaches the shoulders or beyond can in turn enjoy a charming high bun that has become a true classic that never seems to go out of fashion. To make the idea of ​​​​a summer hairstyle for 2022 more attractive and original, let the strands starting above the temples fall freely at the bottom. The effect obtained is very delicate, is not it?

Bohemian braids are decorating the heads of romantic girls this summer

Falling crown braid locks summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair

Every summer, romantic braids are making a comeback and 2022 is no exception to the rule. For example, the crown braid, which is always decorated with a few strands hanging around the face, looks poetic and innocent and works great even on special occasions. Invited to a wedding this summer? This dreamy hairstyle is perfect for the occasion!

Summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair Dutch knot braid

A chunky dutch braid is another quirky option that feels like breathing fresh air among long, curly or loose hair. Of course, you need some length to succeed. Also, it may be necessary to re-comb the hair slightly towards the roots to add volume. The final little detail to perfect the design? Beautiful silk satin bow on the elastic!

Summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair side ponytail

Scarves are the other mandatory accessory of summer 2022, and it’s very easy to incorporate it into a braid, use it as a headband, and tie it around a ponytail elastic to hide it. Do you want to adopt a boho chic hairstyle to celebrate the beach and holiday season? Nothing beats a hairstyle with a scarf to spice up your summer look!

Ponytail as a summer 2022 hairdo idea

Summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair ponytail on the side

Finally, girls who are tall or very tall guys will be able to enjoy ponytails in two absolutely gorgeous shapes. The low tail from the side, always decorated with a colorful scarf, is the most relaxed option that adapts to several occasions. On the other hand, hair that is flat back and tied on the head looks more “serious” and sophisticated. Don’t forget to hide the elastic by wrapping a strand of hair around it to enhance the hairstyle.

Summer hairstyle idea long hair hidden high elastic ponytail

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