Ukraine. She treats children traumatized by war with her dogs

Behind a computer screen, Irina Bezuglia gives her latest advice to twenty people connected to her on Zoom. This young 32-year-old, brown-haired, long-haired vet who is also a dog trainer has already written six books about man’s best friend. But in the three months that the Russians tried to invade Ukrainian territory, his work took a more humane turn in the face of the trauma the bombs had caused, both for humans and animals.

Before the war, in Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, in the center of “Sunny Dogs”, Irina advised the owners to buy their dogs, and then directed them to training. With the pandemic, she and her partner Yulia started working through Zoom to continue their activity.

Then the war came and everything changedShe said, looking sad.

With the bombings, the dogs went crazy

From February 24, the start date of the Russian invasion, I started getting clients on the phone in the middle of a panic attack. You could hear their children screaming behind them and their dogs barking. It was very difficultshe explains. I had about fifteen people a day on Zoom: I tried to calm them down, to explain to them what to do with their animal.

Both the animals and the masters spent their days locked up in shelters, cellars or storerooms, facing long periods of stress. “ With the bombing, the dogs literally go crazy. The The animal can become aggressive again very quickly or completely prostrate.

During the first days of the war, Irina tried to stay in Kharkiv despite the bombing. But she lives in an apartment building, northeast of Kharkiv, in the Saltivka region, one of the places most targeted by Russian artillery.

At the beginning of March, a rocket landed right next to our house.The young woman decides to leave Kharkiv with her three trained dogs to first reach the city of Poltava, 150 km to the west. A 12-hour road trip filled with people like her fleeing the war.


Ukraine. She treats children traumatized by war with her dogs

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