Pyrenees-Orientales 2nd constituency: the National Front leads by a wide margin, Nupes fails by 99 votes of the presidential majority

The candidate of the National Rally in this second constituency advanced by a large margin with 37.62% of the vote, ahead of her rival from the parliamentary majority who won 20.49% of the vote, and is expelled in the pocket handkerchief claiming the Union of the Left. (20.28%).

without surprise. In the second constituency of the Pyrenees-Orientales, the National Rally still clings to its only seat as deputy, won by Perpignan Mayor Louis Aliot in 2017 and then ceded, upon joining the city, to his deputy, Catherine Pujol. which was ousted by Marine Le Pen’s spokesman in favor of Anis Sabatini.
But the new contender from the far-right party asserts that the trend began 5 years ago in this region and is comfortably settling on the first step on the podium with no less than 17,812 votes. With scores of 29.85% in Canet-en-Roussillon, 44.91% in Pia, 46.21% in Barcares, 57.92% in Latour-Pas-Elyn, and 60.98% in Lansac… it collects almost twice as many votes as the other eligible candidate For the second round, Frédérique Lis (Renaissance) (when Kristen Espert lost to the band in the second round in 2017 by 781 votes against Louis Eliot) scored 9,700 votes.
Or 99 small votes in front of fallen candidate David Perry (EELV). It was he who wore the colors of Nupes and came very close to being the author of the stage, simultaneously dropping David Brett and the Republicans who presided over the fates of this department for 15 years in fourth place (8.83%).
We made it to the second round gates at 99 hairs.” David Perroy joked when the results were announced, not without acknowledgment” His immense disappointment.”. For him, the error in abstaining here is 53.14%, which is 3 points more than in the last legislation (50.83%). “ Despite the national dynamism, we did not succeed in persuading them to vote. The filter adds Nupes. But we gave it all in this campaign, uniting the left, environmentalists and others, with extremists and non-party activists. This is half a disappointment because it showed that social and environmental issues have their place and more and more power.”

“Those who vote for RN will continue to support their hiding places.”

For her part, Anis Sabatini did not hide her satisfaction. “ I’m going to keep going, yeah it’s a good start but you can never tell”I left, hoping so “logically” Another far-right vote for Eric Zemmour i.e. 2017 votes (5.74%) received by Reconquest candidate Alexandra Rasbaud refer to his name. “ And then, we’ll see what Frederick does not…”
Because the presidential majority candidate is still determined and is already calling all voters to. ‘Progress on the same regional front’ against the National Assembly. “ I haven’t seen David Berrué yet this evening but during the campaign we agreed on the same Republican values ​​and the most important thing for us is to get out of a non-existent deputy. I think it is possible. For 5 years, there was nothing. I’ve met my many competitors in the field, and I’ve never met an RN. They are in hiding and I think those who will vote for them continue to support the hidden. I, I call to action”.
It remains to be seen whether the challenge will be worth it for voters frustrated with the Melanchonist movement to return to the polls in support of a new micro-union…

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