Muscular in the United States, shaved in Italy, transparent in Japan … Each country has its own concept of “summer body”

Whoever says summer says sun, laziness, and “summer body.” You know, that perfect beach body, made up of fantasies and — wildly fickle perceptions of “beauty.” Because what we like in Germany is not what we like in France, and vice versa…something to keep in mind!

All summer, same tune. As we approach swimwear, we resort to being skinny and sharp. Say goodbye to belly fat, cellulite and swollen knees. This search for the “summer body,” that body that some people dream of flaunting on the beach and meticulously preparing before their holidays, however, varies from state to state. Sometimes you have to have brown skin. Sometimes the complexion is transparent. Even if beauty tends to be universal. “There are some international standards when it comes to physical beauty. However, these standards vary by geographic area., analyzes the sociologist Jean-Francois Amadeo. Review beauty standards, country by country. Because realizing the lack of a perfect overall body is still the best way to get rid of commands…

“Porcelain skin for Japanese women”

” in Japan As in other countriesAsia It is true that clear and smooth skin symbolizes confirms The weight of appearances (Odile Jacob). And for good reason, it was initially a sign of success, wealth, and higher social class. Over time, this concern became a standard of beauty that is still inculcated today in the minds of children from an early age. In the face of this ideal, some are willing to make enormous sacrifices. Papaya soap, homemade concoctions, umbrellas…all are good for protecting yourself from the sun (and social judgment).

Because the privilege of fair skin is not just a cultural belief. The number of Asian celebrities with Caucasian skin and features in cinema, in power and in the media is proof of this. Cosmetic brands have understood this very well. From India to the Philippines, Korea, Malaysia and Japan, drugstore and supermarket shelves are filled with skin-lightening creams, lotions, serums, masks, deodorants, and even intimate products.

The Germans have hair on their legs.

On average more than blond French women, German women have always shown their hair on the beaches without complexes. This still applies today. In fact in Germany and Holland we find most followers of poetry in freedom. “The Germans have always left and embraced their body hair, Jean-Francois Amadeo confirms. This is the trend that is now spreading to other countries like the United States or England, under the impetus of feminist demand movements. » In Germany, cultural factors play a role in favor of poetry. For Berlin writer Unda Hörner, the fact that the German used the same word for body hair and hair (Haare) would elevate the latter to the status of beauty accessory. When the French “hair” refers to the animal.

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“In Italy, be prepared in all circumstances”

According to the press across the Alps, Italians leave nothing to chance when it comes to beauty. In the city as on the beach, you should be impeccable: tan skin, golden skin, applied tan, delicate manicure, well-groomed beard, delicate hair removal. In the boot, the look simply takes center stage. On the silhouette side, women are advised to pay attention to their line because a slim body is more valuable and considered sexy. This is even more true in the north of the country, which is more affluent.

“Turks have a mustache, but they shave their armpits”

In Turkey, men proudly wear mustaches, a symbol of masculinity, but they shave under their arms. And no, armpit hair removal isn’t just a women’s prerogative. It is evident from the number of men’s beauty salons that have opened their doors in Istanbul, as well as the marketing of men’s hair remover sprays.

How do we explain this phenomenon? For health reasons above all, academic Benoit Flecci notes that hair history . In the Islamic tradition, bodily hygiene is essential for purification before performing prayer. Since perspiration is considered impure and hair comes into contact with it, it must be discarded. As in the case of the pubis that calls for intercourse and various secretions, and at the level of the neck where the separation between the skin and hair must be very clear.

Rubber Buttocks in Brazil

Generous hips and buttocks. This is the perfect body when you are a woman in Brazil. “Important shapes are valued in some countries of the world such as Brazil. Accentuating the waist-hip ratio is so important that we do not hesitate to resort to plastic surgery »Jean-Francois Amadeo explains. In fact, Brazilian women aren’t kidding when it comes to their physical appearance, which worries them pretty early on. It’s not uncommon to see teenage girls – especially from well-to-do families – asking their parents for buttock augmentation or breast implants as a birthday present.

If Brazil is known for its fetish of the female buttock (Miss Bumbum – buttocks in Portuguese – gets elected there every year), in recent years the breast has become the #1 priority for young women. Whereas previously, by domestic standards, a nice pair of buttocks was better suited to a small chest, beauty standards from the 1990s evolved in favor of a larger cap. As for the men, they go under the knife. They prefer abdominal operations and liposuction.

“Prominent Muscles and Abdomen in the USA”

In the United States, it’s best to pump up the muscles and inflate the abs. A somewhat paradoxical picture, when we know that the country has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world (39%). But this does not prevent aesthetic commands from existing. Pervaded in women’s magazines since the 1950s, it’s now carried over by social networks and their fleet of influencers who flaunt from every angle. This obsession with the perfect body does not spare the boys who are asked to deal with it Abdominal muscle division Well drawn. “ Being muscular is a sign of good health, a certain reproductive ability, Jean-Francois Amadeo notes. Besides, it shows others that you are responsible for your appearance. »

On the female side, beauty standards have evolved over the past few years, under the influence of figures like the Kardashian clan. The new model to be achieved: the hourglass body. Understand a wide chest, slender waist, sensual hips, and (very) fuller buttocks. “It is a body that has gone viral thanks to reality TV and social networks and which democratizes the excesses of plastic surgery. Inevitably, this sets new standards.” We are considering, for example, a completely different standard of beauty, popularized by the American Emily Ratajkowski: “Ab crack”, which consists in drawing an abdominal incision going from the chest to the navel.

“Brown skin is popular in Europe”

Long upset, tanning became a goal every time she came back from vacation. This matte leather relationship was transformed by the Industrial Revolution. Until then, having a tan mainly refers to the working classes, working the field and the land. An extra step is taken with paid leave. In France and Europe, in the summer, you have to have slim, tanned bodies to flaunt in swimwear, and then bikinis from the ’60s.

So this silhouette would never leave the continent. “There is an improvement for skin that is slightly tan, tanned or even orange”, says Jean-Francois Amadeo. An example of this: according to cable , 59% of women living in Liverpool use self-tanners on their body at least five times a month. why ? Because the sun is so rare in England, having a golden complexion has become the number one beauty goal.

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