L’Expression: Culture – a poem for Algerian women!

He is one of the pioneers of Algerian painting and the founder of contemporary art in Algeria. Bourdain Moussa is currently exhibiting 28 unpublished works at Galerie Le Point, located at 104 of the Riad El Fath Art Center. Amal Mihoub, owner of the gallery, points out to us, “He honors the mother through his works because he was very attached to his mother, and after that he honors all Algerian women.” The opening took place this week in the presence of several plastic artists, as well as diplomatic representatives. It is noteworthy that Moussa Bourdain was born on October 7, 1946 in Algiers. He studied at the Association of Fine Arts in Algiers from 1966 to 1969. He was one of the founding members of the “Group of 35” in the eighties, and participated in many personal and group exhibitions, especially in Algeria. In 1984 he produced a series of portraits of martyrs under the direction of Mohamed Issiakhem for the Central Army Museum and the works of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers. Artist Moussa Bourdain loves to work on texture and pastel colors. The artist mastered the art of photography. All 28 paintings displayed at the Galerie le Paon are portraits of women. Whether in pastels or watercolors, Bourdain endlessly rejects the Algerian woman, but with a penchant for the simple woman referring to the housewife…

Feminine sweetness in pastel
The woman sits arrogantly in the middle of the painting. The subject wants to be alone or choral. With girls or carrying a child. The painting gives a vision and feel of an air of muted and murderous pastels as the women’s line seems to come from another time, perhaps from his childhood. Nostalgia fills the space of his paintings. The simple woman, the one you rarely or never see on TV. The woman in the shadows. She spends her time working at home. A woman surrounded by an embroidered djellaba and a scarf tied in her hair, this woman is the focus of Moses Bourdain and the central search engine for his cosmetic interests. A painting in which two seem to escape this classic tradition and plunge us into another world made of abstract art, this time Musa Bourdain sought to appeal to his imagination by showing casual shades of black and white with a touch of brown. and violet. Musa Bourdain uses pastel, watercolor, or a mixed technique. Drawing is his passion. He devotes a large part of his time to it. The depth of thought and spirit stems from his paintings. Thus women everywhere are strongly present in his work.
“I am a very full mother, may God have mercy on her,” says this child from Claus Salimper, who now lives in Derada. “I am very moved by the mother who did everything in the house, and through her I conjure all the women, all our daughters and our wives,” I like to admit the artist, often in his various interviews. The painter has been drawing since his childhood. He started by reproducing portraits of famous American actors, before turning to Algerian heritage “It was in my blood. I loved drawing and painting and of course I continued. You must not believe that you become an artist like this or that you acquire this profession overnight. It is after many years of work And seriousness and questioning and we’re still not sure we’ll get there.”

The artist with graceful fingers
Borden Moses possesses, however; A touch indicates a confirmed plastic identity. The artist worked as a teacher at the Société des beaux-Arts, Camille Le Roix, who taught him the basics of drawing, and here he became acquainted with other artists, who later became big names in modern Algerian painting such as Chegrane, Oulhaci and Zoubir Hellal to name a few.. His first exhibition dates back to January 1973. Since then, he has continued to paint and create… Intimacy transcends Bourdain’s art through an invitation to serenity. This is what we keep in mind when touring Le Paon Gallery. Nice gallery to visit for sure. Furthermore, it will be visible until June 25th.

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