Jessica Thevenin is very complicated by her hole in her hair!

Once again, Jessica Thevenin said she lacks self-confidence. It’s so complicated because it’s pierced in the hair!

Jessica Thevenin isn’t at her best. She fights every day against complexes that lower her morale. This time the young mom says it’s too complicated because of her hair piercing! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Jessica Thevenin suffers from complexes

Since her reality TV debut, Jessica Thevenin has changed a lot. She has resorted to many plastic surgeries to completely change her person.

She started by re-enlargement of her chest, chin, face and buttocks. Then she changed her face, lips, etc. Tibo Garcia’s wife is very proud of that.

confirm himShe feels so much better about herself. Isn’t that the main thing? However, despite the compliments from her fans and her husband, Jessica Thevenin suffers from complexes.

At the time, she hated her small buttocks. But today, another problem arises. The reality TV candidate who has 6 million fans has discovered that a hole has appeared in her hair.

Yes yes in her hair! and this is Concealment becomes more and more difficult. But the question then arises, where does this problem come from? Maylon and Yuan may be feeling stressed because she has a busy schedule!

She talked about it on her Snapchat account: “Things are not going well this morning. I got up and realized I had a hole in my hair! I have a bald hole and I don’t know why.”

The beautiful blonde has spent her time looking at symptoms on the internet…and we know it’s not the best thing to do:” I searched Google early in the morning. They say alopecia or stress. I live it very poorly! It seems I just see it. I don’t understand what’s going on…”

relaxing vacation

So Jessica Thevenin revealed her “piercing” on the top of her forehead. This scares him more than anything else. That is why she decided to consult!

On this Saturday, June 11, 2022, she visited the doctor who treated her in Foundation cream and nutritional supplements. According to her, her condition is “worse and worse” and “she just saw it.”

To be less nervous, she and her husband decided that Going on vacation with his friends. In fact, they are currently on the weekend in Mykonos, Greece. Celebrating the 31st birthday of her best friend Stephanie Durant.

There was also Maddie Borciaga and Benjamin Samat. And that’s not all! Flo André and Theo Soggiu also attend.

Everyone enjoys their stay as it should. Jessica Thevenin can finally rest:With Tibaut we slept until noon. This is madness. We didn’t because I don’t even know when.

Let’s hope she gets back to her normal form after her stay!

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